Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Lowdown on 2008

It may not be much, nevertheless, here's the all highlights and crap that happened to me in the year 2008:

1. My dad's flat caught fire beginning of the year. Aside from some money from my mum, I had to additionally fork out more than RM 1K to help him repair the place. The funny thing was that four fire brigades turned up, just to put off a small fire from a 2 bedroom flat! Either a lot of people called them, or they had nothing better to do. The mess afterward was daunting. Everything plastic had melted from the heat, including the wires in the walls. My dad ran his own technician services in that flat, so we had lots of TVs and other electronic devices sent to him for repair. Luckily, only a few badly damaged and needed to be compensated. The whole place was filled with ash, fire extinguishing powder and to top it all off, soaked with water! We had to hire some help to clean, re-paint and re-wire the damn place. The fire was caused by faulty wiring on the worship altar, which was set on a big cupboard that caught fire from the sparks.

2. My mum found out that I got cheated for RM 2.6K by a close family friend's son, who was a childhood friend of mine. We weren't close, but I lent him the money coz I thought he was in deep shit a year ago. His parents are slowly paying me back.

3. Finally started blogging.

4. Moved in with my dad to the flat next door from my mum's. Finally getting a room of my own was good, but I had to fork out about RM 2K for the re-painting (especially after the fire) and for some new furniture. In case you're still wondering, we own two 2-bedroom flats side by side.

5. For the first time, my car broke down while I was driving to work. Luckily, it did NOT break down on the Penang bridge and cause a massive morning jam, which would likely result in people cursing at me as they drove past. Had to fork out close to RM 1K to get an overhaul to fix it.

6. I fell in love with someone but nothing ever happened.

7. I came out to my close colleagues at work. They suspected it for a while, but couldn't confirm since I was naturally very straight-acting. Since they were open minded and I felt that I could trust them, I told them after some consideration. Seriously, from then on, they acted more gay than I was. It's both funny and endearing at the same time.

8. Someone else confessed and wanted to be my BF but my life was kinda unstable and quite hectic at the time, so I didn't get into it.

9. Wasted almost RM 2K for facial treatment. Don't get me wrong, products and treatment was good, but the extraction process was killing me. I had more outbreaks after that, so I stopped it.

10. Went for company teambuilding at Genting Highlands. Seriously, it's been more than 10 years since I've been up there!

11. Got attached on my birthday, ending my singlehood after one year and 9 months.

It's not much I know, but it's all I can recall for this year. Evidently, this is a bad financial year for me, more out than in my coffers. This year has also been a rough ride for me emotionally and mentally as well. I faced a lot of instability in that sense but I am lucky that I still have my health. Although, some good things did come by but ultimately, I'm hoping that 2009 will treat me better financially and will be filled with more happy and peaceful times. I will also do my best to keep true to my resolutions. Wish me luck! =)


Bengbeng said...

the fire was a major setback. but looking on the bright side, things can get no worse :) Happy new year 2009. FYI I have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen. I bought it myself as a precaution.

Mark said...

Wah good, better have pre-cautions than react only when things happen.

Happy New Year Bengbeng!

Twilight Zone said...

Happy New Year Mark. Your list was so eventful and $$ being drained. Hopefully next year more $$ will come in.

Bengbeng said...

borrow money from super ah long.,.twilight zone... he will charge u low interest mayb 20% a month hahaaha

apalu update one...mana bole ..malas sangat

Mark said...

TZ: Yeah, I truly hope this year would be a better year for me. Money is one of the things my family and I need to improve on ;P