Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wonderful KL Trip!

Updated with pictures.

As expected, the KL trip this time was AWESOME! The reunion was everything I expected it to be; lots of laughter, rowdy conversations, updates on our lives and...more laughter! GOSH...this just makes me realize how much I miss spending time with Ash, Vivien and OJ in the past. Spending just 1 year together in Uni really wasn't enough, but I really thank my lucky stars that I got to know them during my final years in MMU.

Martin and I set out from Penang at around 12 noon on Saturday, after I managed to get some of the famous (and heavenly!) Tau Sar Peah or Tambun Biscuits from Him Heang. We reached KL pretty quickly, took only about 4 and a half hours. Fast forward, met Vivien, Ash and OJ for dinner at Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve and things pretty much took off from there. Had a blast during dinner (thanks for the treat Ash! *muaks*) before we took ourselves to settle for some tea and Lavender Cheesecake at Winter Warmers (thanks for the treat Vivien! *muaks*), whilst observing the passing crowd, gleefully poking fun at each other and making more noise along the bustling corridors.

Later on, clubbing was next and we decided to go to Oblique, since some of my friends and I hadn't been there before. I believe it was replacement for S.I.N club previously. Anyways, there were a total of 12 of us; Me, Isaac, Adrian, Martin, Sam Sam, Ash, Vivien, OJ (yes, straight guy going to a gay club...shocking!), Wilson, Lawrence, Fan Ting and Shirley. Music was great BUT it was hot as hell. Maybe the air-conditioning has malfunctioned OR...they were trying to get the guys to go topless. Heck, even I felt like just stripping off my top! But...being the good, shy boy that I am, I didn't *blush*. Met some of my other friends from KL and Penang (OMGWTFBBQ! I rarely go to KL for clubbing and still can bump into you guys...talk about a small world!). Oh, and there were plenty of hot topless guys in there already, I doubt I would add anything (although I think there are more hot guys @ Marketplace) =P

After clubbing, naturally, it was supper time! Went for supper at Restoran Nasi Kandar Penang behind Nikko Hotel before we headed home. By the time my head hit the pillow, it was already 6 am and I've screwed up my biological clock, but I was too tired to care.

Sunday was a more relaxing day, just spent it amongst the four of us (Me, Isaac, Adrian and Martin) and we went to the Celebrity Fitness at One-U. It was the longest time I spent to workout and oogling at a few hot guys there, more than 2 hours in total. Had to prolong my workout session since the three stooges of them wanted to join 2 classes back to back, so I was on my own. After gym, we headed to Jaya One in PJ for dinner and we had...Wendy's. Yes yes, I know...all the workout effort gone to waste, but I don't care. I've never had Wendy's before and I'm supposed to have fun in KL damnit! =P

So, after makan macam babi, sure need to tidur macam babilah! Which was exactly what I did after we got back to Isaac's place. Finally, we left KL in the afternoon and headed back to Penang on Monday. Damn, time flies when you're having fun XD

Looking forward to another trip down in Oct or Nov =)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Trip and A Reunion in KL

I'll be heading down to KL this coming weekend (27-28th Sept), returning to Penang only on Monday! I plan to drive down along with my friend Martin and staying over my good friend Isaac's place somewhere in Damansara. Not sure where it is but according to him, it's pretty near The Curve and 1-Utama. I chose to drive because Hari Raya is starting next week, so I DOUBT I'll be able to get any bus tickets back to Penang. Whenever I head down to KL, of course, clubbing is almost always a MUST! Thinking of going to either Oblique Club or re-visiting Market Place in KL. Looking forward to seeing Sam Sam and some other friends too!

Another reason I'm excited this time is because I'll be seeing Vivien, Ash and OJ again! Ash and Vivien were my good gal pals during my last years in Uni and OJ was my housemate, whom I also spent a lot of time with.

Some pics from dinner on my last night in Malacca more than 2 years ago, before I returned to Penang for good.

The gorgeous Vivien.

OJ the hairy paki and the vivacious Ash (this was actually on OJ's b'day).

The lovely (but blur =P) Joey.

From left: Burn, Uzma, Nisha (kena block), Me, Ash.

All smiles...'cept OJ, why so seriouslah?

Group pic! I really love this one, although my hair looks kinda dorky...

At the beach, fooling around after dinner that night...

Gosh...I really miss those last few years. The four of us are gonna have so much fun when we see each other again in KL, can't wait XD

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fixing My Face: The Quest Continues...

Well...not really a questlah. Just a change of plans. As you know, I've been trying to improve the appearance of my face (if you don't, go read here!). Although I've already spent a bomb and almost a left testicle on the products, under the relentless and constant nagging gentle persuasion of my mum, I decided to visit a reputable dermatologist instead. The facial sessions usually leave my face bloodied and slightly bruised in many places due to the 'necessary' albeit BRUTAL extraction process, and this gets mum and sis really worried. But seriously, aside from extracting pimples, I think that whole friggin' extraction process is aimed at testing the limits of my pain threshold, and shaving a month off my life for every stifled scream that I suppress with every ounce of my being!

Oklah, all drama aside...mum also believes that the extraction would further damage my skin, possibly induce more zits and add more scars in the long run. To these allegations, I do lend some credence. I did notice that my skin does blemish more and I get more breakouts. I don't think I'll be going for another facial session again. Now, don't get me wrong, all the other treatments and products used during the facial session DOES leave my skin feeling clean, fresher and fairer (sounds like a damn commercial already...), but put me up for another extraction, I swear I'm gonna unleash the beast within...AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!

Don't worrylah, I only went for 3/10 sessions so far. Since it's pay per torture pay when you cum come kinda thingy, I will not grace their cash register with the other RM 700 from my coffers. Furthermore, the last 2 weeks have not been kind to me. A lot of added stress due to some personal issues, lack of sleep and insufficient rest have turned my body into a cesspool of hormonal imbalances that manifests from within into tiny pus-filled monstrosities on the moon-like surface of my face (Yes, too much information...I know!) In other words, for the past 2 weeks, zits appeared more consistently than our federal government Barang Naik's spew of bullshit and idiotic actions since the March general elections before.

So, this morning, my mum and I went to Penang Lam Wah Ee hospital to consult dermatologist Dr. Khoo Siew Swan. We also found out from one of her nurses that she is actually DAP Lim Kit Siang's daughter-in-law and is married to his other son, Dr. Lim Guan Choon, who is a cardiologist, I believe. Wah lau, Penang is just too small. After some diagnosis, I was given a cleanser, two pimple creams (1 each for day and night), a moisturizer to use only when my face feels dry and a toner to use after my face has improved. I will be back for a follow-up check in a month and if my condition improves, I won't be administered any verbal medicine to help control the acne.

The whole bill inclusive on medicine and consultation only cost RM 157.75! Earlier, mum had agreed to foot the bill in order to get me to see a dermatologist, since I'd already been extorted by the Nazi face torturers spent a lot on the beautician. BUT she revealed to me today,"Only for the first bill son!" Crafty...that woman! =P

Friday, September 19, 2008

For Beginners at the Gym

I've been a regular gym bunny for some time now. Every now and then, a friend of mine who has just started working out would tell me that they are shy or embarassed in the gym. It's pretty common actually, especially for beginners. If you're starting out and have never stepped into a gym before, it can be quite intimidating. All the different and numerous weight equipments might seem alien to you. Plus, there's all the fit or muscular people working out everywhere. You may think that you're too skinny, fat or out of shape and feel awkward exercising amongst the fitter and more muscular gym-goers.

Let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Remember, everyone starts out as a beginner and struggles, just like yourself. All the fit and muscular gym-goers were also skinny, fat or out of shape when they began. What you see today is the product of all the hard work, dedication, discipline and proper training. It's like seeing an impressive building. You admire the finished structure and design, but you never saw the amount of work and effort that went into completing it. So when you start going to the gym, acknowledge that you're a beginner and use those around who're better than you as motivation to work hard and improve!

Here are some tips to help you start out:

1. There are bound to be gym instructor(s) around. Feel free to ask about weight exercises to train different body parts and the proper technique during lifting. This is important to minimize/ eliminate injury.

2. Do some research on the internet or by reading to find a basic lifting routine and learn about exercises. You might not be familiar with the names for different exercises but you can find pictures, videos or ask the instructors/gym members how to do perform them.

3. See an interesting exercise that someone is doing? Ask that person what it's for and try it out!

4. Don't be afraid to seek advise or tips from someone who's doing well at the gym. Most experienced lifters would be glad to help out a beginner who's trying to improve their physique. Till this day, I've yet to come across someone experienced but arrogant or unwilling to help.

5. If you're out of shape, try not to feel too awkward or self-conscious at the gym. Everyone is probably focusing and busy on their own routines to notice. Just focus on working hard and improving yourself!

6. If you feel a certain pain during lifting that's bothering you, you might be doing it wrongly. Ask an instructor or gym member to help monitor your form or show you the right way to do it.

7. If you can afford it, hire a personal trainer. It really helps to have a certified trainer constantly guiding, motivating, pushing and keeping you consistent through your workouts. This way, you can learn and improve a lot faster. However, make sure that your personal trainer is DEDICATED and KNOWS HIS/HER STUFF.

8. If you can't afford it, find a gym buddy. It can be someone who's also starting out like yourself, or a friend who's already into it. By having a partner, you can keep each other motivated, consistent and improve by competing against each other.

Work hard and continuously improve! Hope this helps =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well, some of my friends seem to think that my thick eyebrows resemble the eyebrows of the amicable, honey-scoffing Pooh bear.

Heck, during working hours, my friend Zemien even managed to create and send me this thru email!

Oiii...where got resemblance? Somemore, choose a Pooh picture with such a gay pose!

Friday, September 12, 2008

50 Things About ME

Since I can't really think of anything else to write about this week, I might as well write about ME! I've thought of doing it a while ago but this is just a normal meme. So it here goes, 50 random things about me:

1. I've never traveled out of Malaysia before.
2. When I was 3 years old, I went out into the porch and my dad knocked into me when he was backing the car into the driveway. He stopped when he heard a bump.
3. I noticed that everything in life happens late for me.
4. I used to be really fat, weighing 93 kgs at my heaviest.
5. I love my mum more than my dad.
6. I was a professional CS player in my Uni days.
7. I drive a white Proton Wira.
8. I've never had a first love.
9. I'm a hopeless romantic.
10. I love to cuddle.
11. I think the closeness that you share with your lover is more important than sex.
12. I had my first crush when I was 13 years old. He rode in the same school bus as me.
13. I never argue with anyone, except my mum.
14. I live in a two-room flat with my dad, which is right beside my mum's flat.
15. I have low self-esteem, but I'm trying to overcome it.
16. I'm gay, just in case you're still wondering.
17. I love my best friend very, very much. We've known each other for 14 years. I don't know what I would've done without him.
18. I think I should be more thankful with everything that I have.
19. I was emeto-phobic during my teens. I think I still am.
20. My first and last relationship, about a year and half ago, was a disaster. It lasted only 2 weeks.
21. I suffered from severe acne during my teens.
22. I still suffer from acne to this day.
23. I don't like taking pictures. I think I look horrible in them.
24. I love to laugh.
25. I laugh really loud too!
26. I hate Valentine's day, since I'm always single.
27. I enjoy clubbing, but not too often.
28. I had crushes on some of my straight friends before.
29. I have a passion for fitness, but sometimes I think it may border on obsession.
30. I like someone who is down-to-earth, has a sense of humor, sincere, responsible, whom I can talk to (preferably good in English) and cute (optional).
31. I'm 80% 'banana'. English IS my strongest language. I can speak Hokkien, but I can't speak Cantonese or Mandarin well enough to save my life.
32. I don't think I'm muscular enough, despite what people say.
33. I love good food (who doesn't, right?).
34. I'm a Protestant Christian.
35. I still don't know what I really want in my life.
36. I haven't been on a plane before.
37. I'm addicted to Facebook.
38. I can't live without my PC and the Internet.
39. I have very little body hair.
40. I love to cook and wish I had a complete kitchen to experiment.
41. I still don't think I look nice with my shirt off.
42. I don't have a good sense of fashion.
43. I suck at grooming.
44. I should learn to acknowledge my personal achievements.
45. I have a sister 11 years younger than me.
46. I'm the eldest and only son.
47. I work for a large MNC specializing in computers.
48. I don't have body odor.
49. I came out to my mum more than a year ago, and now she's in denial.
50. I believe good friends are the treasures of life.

So...do you know me better now? =P

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making Better Choices with Fast Food

(Requested from a friend, so I've decided to make a post for this)

I generally stay away from fast food, except for the occasional cheat meals. Fast foods are too highly processed and contain a lot of preservatives and additives that cause cancer and damage your heart, liver and kidneys. Fast foods are also very HIGH in calories, sodium, carbs and fat.

But CAN you make better OR healthier choices when faced with fast food? Yes, just follow these simple tips:

1. Choose a burger with a grilled patty. Ask for sauces to be removed and add more vegetables. Look for a small or medium-sized burger to avoid a calorie bomb!

2. Have coffee, tea, water or diet sodas instead. Accompanying real sodas with your fast food will REALLY rack up the calories. Besides, sodas contain a ridiculously high amount of SUGAR!

3. Have pizzas the way Italians do, with a thin crust and plenty of toppings. A thin crust goes a long way in saving you tonnes of calories. Top your pizza with plenty of vegetables and lean meat. Opt for tomato based pizza sauce, which contain high amounts of lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomato that helps to ward off cancer and heart disease. Watch the cheese! Ordering extra cheese means adding more calories, fat and sodium.

4. When making your own sandwich (think Subway) or ordering salads, ditch the creamy sauces. Choose mustard, vinaigrette or olive oil instead. Ask for more vegetables! Remember to choose lean meats for your sandwich or salads.

5. Fries taste great but they are just empty calories, high in trans fat, carbs and sodium. You can save tonnes of calories by not having them with your fast food meal. Order a small one if you want to have it. It'll at least keep your calories in check. Fries are one of those 'once-you-have-one-you-can't-stop' foods. Don't you agree?

6. Having fried chicken? I tend to choose breast meat over wings and drumsticks. Also, remove the skin please.

7. Order plain frozen yogurt for dessert. Any additions (sauces, cookie crumbs etc) will just rack up the calories. Pies are not a very good choice as they are high in fat and sugar.

PS: The pictures are just random and not meant to suggest how you should have your fast food =P

Monday, September 1, 2008

Healthy Tips When Eating Out...for Malaysians!

Let's face it, as Malaysians, we LOVE to eat and we have a VAST array of local delicacies from our many cultures to dive into. So what happens when you're trying to drop some pounds or just generally want to eat healthier? Do you abandon that resolve when you dine out instead of cook in?

Actually, you CAN ALWAYS opt for healthier choices. Here are some tips to help you along.

At hawker stalls or local restaurants:
1. For rice, ALWAYS go for plain steamed white or basmati rice. Although white rice has less nutrients and fiber, it is very low fat and is definitely better than fried or any other version that's cooked with oil/coconut milk (think nasi lemak).

2. When choosing various types of noodles, bee hoon (rice vermicelli) and koay teow (flat rice noodles) are definitely a better choice. Lower in sodium, higher in protein and lower in carb vs calorie ratio. Yellow egg noodles are higher in additives and sodium while thicker white noodles are heavier in carbs.

3. When choosing noodle dishes, opt for soup or the 'wet' version. Fried and 'dry' versions contain much more oil and fat which can hike up the calories.

4. When choosing noodle soup, go for clear soups, instead of oily or curry soups which also contain more fat and sodium that can make you very thirsty later on.

5. When choosing meat dishes to go with rice, avoid anything deep-fried, cooked in curries made from coconut milk or just generally cooked with a lot of oil. Choose meats that are grilled, stir-fried (always pick meat from the top as the oil will drain to the bottom of the dish), cooked in normal curries (watch out for too much oil) or cooked in soups. Remember to pick leaner meat such as chicken, fish and all types of seafood. Beef is fine too, but I find that it's usually cooked in curries thickened with coconut milk (think rendang) or oily sauces. If you're having it anyway, don't eat too much of it as it can really pack on the calories. Moderation is the key.

6. Stir-fried vegetables are good, but watch out for too much oil. Always scoop the vegetables from the top, as most of the oil will gather at the bottom of the dish or tray.

If you're having Indian or mamak food:
1. Avoid flooding your rice with curry. Also, choose healthier and less fattening options like dhal or less thick fish curries. Remember, curries are very flavorful. A little bit goes a long way.

2. Instead of rice, you can also have indian breads such as chapatti (usually made from wholemeal flour), idly or thosai. Chapatti is usually just reheated or slightly warmed over a flat pan with very little oil. Remember to ask for less oil when ordering thosai. Some places add more oil or 'ghee' when making thosai. To save calories, accompany them with dhal curry, instead of other heavier curries. Avoid oily and fried options like roti canai, puri, murtabak or roti pratha. Having them once in a while is fine. While naan bread is not fried or oily, the portion is usually large and it's made from white flour so it is not recommended.

3. Choose for healthier meat options such as cooked in normal curry or tandoori, instead getting deep-fried, cooked heavily in oil or coconut milk. You can ask if a thick curry is cooked in coconut milk or yogurt. Yogurt is obviously a better choice, as it's lower in fat and calories, without sacrificing the flavor and texture.

4. Portion control! Most Indian or mamak stalls can pack on A LOT of rice onto your plate. Politely ask to half the portion, or share the rice with a friend.

Local delicacies, drinks and desserts:
1. Most of our local cakes or 'kuih-muih' are either high in sugar, fat or starch. Consume in moderation if you are having it. Best alternative I can suggest is substitute for fruits or nuts instead!

2. When ordering dessert, go for fresh fruits, fruit tarts, sorbets, frozen yogurt or jellies. Much lower in calories than ice-creams, pastries, cakes etc.

3. Always follow-up your drink orders with 'kurang manis' or less sweet. However, there's no reason you should order a drink every time you dine out (although, I love my occasional teh tarik!). Water is always the best option!