Sunday, November 2, 2008

How We Came To Be - Part 2

Fast forward to Saturday night, I had a small birthday celebration in Coffee Bean @ Gurney (by the way, do you know they serve cooked food now? It wasn't too bad and quite affordable too). My usual gang was there, minus a few (would have some pics soon). The original plan by Janson and Wilson was to have an apartment stay. I had left the birthday planning to my friends. I hadn't felt like planning anything this year and wasn't much in the mood earlier. Anyways, apartment stay is postponed to this coming weekend (yeah, promise some pics for that too!).

After the mini party, we both headed down to the same beach again. We took at casual stroll towards the end of the beach, occasionally giving each other a hug from behind and walking hand in hand. Then, we snuck back to the spot where we were yesterday. As he lay on my lap again, I leaned down to pop the question.

"So, are we attached?"

He looks up and smiled, and said,"Well, what do you think? I'm already so close to you.."

"Well, I'm not sure, since you told me that you might not be ready yet. So, are we attached?", I repeated.

He smiles and seals it with a kiss.

" I take it as a yes."

I had hoped that I would find someone special to spend my birthday with and my wish came true. I had found myself a boyfriend, and on my birthday too! As you can tell, it IS the best birthday gift I'd gotten =)

I will probably blog about him more in the coming days. I need his consent first before I start posting more stuff about him. I hope that it will work out well between us. We're fresh and still have a lot to discover about each other. Wish me luck! XD


Anonymous said...

You asked him 2 times but he still answered vaguely as if trying to make you commit the relationship rather than him. So if anything happens, he can blame "It's you who want to start this relationship" Hahaha!!!

The 1st time you asked whether you two are attached, he asked back "what do you think?" and the 2nd time you asked, he just kissed you. If I were you, I won't take that as a yes. Hahaha!!!

I want confirmation words from his mouth!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, did you see my gift for you in my blog? Go see now!

Mark said...

Hehe, I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

He is just 19? For me, he is so young :p Anyway, wish you good luck lahh :)

joshua said...

aww that's a sweet story! and what a great way to start a new year of being alive? (erm, since it's ur bday!)

Mark said...

Thanks Josh =)

Zemien said...

WHAT?!? I leave town for ONE weekend and so many things happened! But, I'm glad it's for the better ;)

And you wrote:
"As you can tell, it IS the best birthday gift I'd gotten =)"

Aww shucks. And I thought I got you a pretty neat gift too! :D

gatita said...

u don't need luck darling, u just need faith, trust and a LOT of love!!

Mark said...

Mien: Haha...yeah, surprisingly happening weekend =P

Jann: I'll keep that in mind!

Ah-Bong said...

awwwww so sweeetttt....

and happy belated birthday!

CY said...

it is sweet, verbal confirmation is more appropriate as he seems to be giving in after your 2nd request.

Anyway still wish you good luck with him, remember: golden rule: no pressure :)


Mark said...

Yeah, I gotta remember that =)