Thursday, December 18, 2008

Event Coverage: What a Bloggiful World Penang Bloggers Gathering!

Finally, I'm able to post this, after I obtaining the pictures. So many pictures to post, I'll make it as short as I can!

Frankly, I was 20 minutes late for the event. However, I had forgotten that we're all Malaysians in the end. Guests should be given a buffer of 30 minutes to an hour from the actual event start time to appear (think Malaysian weddingslah!). Hence, the event actually started close to 1:30 pm, instead of 12 pm in the afternoon. This event anticipated no less than approximately 120 confirmed bloggers from all over Penang, and even some arriving from other states.

The organizers/committee members confirming registered bloggers and handing out goodie bags.

The event kicked off with a speech from Mr William Tan, who represented the General Manager of Paradise Sandy Beach Resort. The beachfront resort is one of the sponsors for this event.

Followed by a brief speech by the chairperson of the organizing committee, Warren Tan.

This was followed by another sponsor for the event, Celebrity Fitness, performing 3 shows from their classes back to back (top to bottom): Belly-dancing, Body Combat and Hip Hop Dance.

Where are my manners? Introducing our kawaii, entertaining and funny emcees for the afternoon, Minny and Cedric!

I shared a table with Yiphing, Kenny and Merritt, just a table away from the stage, in the middle of the room. Being a newbie blogger and hardly knowing any Penang bloggers, I chose to sit somewhere I could easily see the stage, since it was free sitting anyways.

Then, it was MAKAN time, buffet style! The spread wasn't too bad and the food was nothing to shout about. But it was more than good enough, considering I only paid RM 10 for everything!

While we had lunch, we were given a speech by one of the VIPs who is a YB for gosh-I-forgot-which-area-in-Penang. After the speech, he was presented with a souvenir.

After lunch, it was quizzes, games and lucky draw time! It was a pity that some people left after lunch, as they were not aware that there were still activities going on after.

The lucky draw prizes were Digi RM 50 pre-paid reload vouchers, GSC vouchers, free passes and memberships for Celebrity Fitness, Baptain hair-styling packages and Exabytes vouchers.

They even had a cake made to commemorate the event (or was it an anniversary?) and shared it with all the bloggers there. Looks good doesn't it?

During the course of the event, some bloggers stepped up and shared their experiences and thoughts on blogging and the blogosphere. Top to bottom: Diese, Ernest and some Indian lady (totally forgot her name, sorry ya!)

Random pictures taken of other bloggers, along with the VIP.

FINALLY, a group picture of ALL of us before the event ended at 5 pm. Can you spot me? *hint* middle *hint*

Overall, it was a great event! My only feedback would be perhaps the list of activities could be provided next time, so that there won't be anyone leaving pre-maturely. Looking forward to more of such blogger events/gatherings in the future!

PS: Special thanks to Cedric for sharing the pictures and to Ai Ling for meeting up with me to collect my last minute payment =)


Ceddy said...

Weee! You're welcome! :D Hope to see you again! :D

DiEsE said...

*waves* hi mark
waahhh.. the 2nd last pic (group photo) is so nice one laa... can email the original to me ah??
diesediese (at) hotmail (dot) com
*shrieks in horror*
i went to cedric's blog and see my face and fainted already. now i see my huge-ass here *faint*

Mark said...

Ceddy: Yeah...lemme know if there are any gathering in future!

Diese: *waves back* Hey, thanks for droppin' by! And NO, I didn't notice that you have a huge ass, so this means that you DON'T =)

Anyhow, I've just sent over the group pic to ya.

Medie007 said...

guy in blue shirt
6th picture from below.
double hawt. :P

Mark said... noticed too? =P

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