Monday, December 28, 2009

Holidays, Holidays!

Back at work again today, but I don't feel like working at all. When I arrived, everything was so QUIET! Most people are already clearing their annual leave. The place is just pretty empty, and I don't have much to do. Actually, I think I don't have anything to do at all. In fact, I'm blogging from office right now XD

What can I say? The holiday mood has REALLY sunk in and taken root. I took a 5 day weekend last week, only working Monday and Tuesday, and that was for Christmas. I will doing the same this week, for New Year's! =)

This year as usual, I will get my ass down to KL from 30th Dec to 3rd Jan 2010. Yes, when I come back to Penang, I will most probably be missing my ass, coz I will be partying it off XD

Oh, and I just got a new haircut and even dyed it! Well, it was actually for my KL trip too. New year, new hair ^^

I can't wait for go visit and see KL again. I can't wait to have an effing good time with my friends again. I can't wait to go club with my shirt off and party my brains out. CAN'T WAIT!~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lady GaGa on MTV VMA 2009

The much talked about MTV VMA 2009 live performance by Lady GaGa.

I know it's a bit late, but she's still bloody (no pun intended) awesome in it!

Gosh *loves GaGa* XD

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Celebrated Christmas eve at Gurney Plaza again this year. Simple dinner with friends at Svenson's (forgot to take pics -_-") and later, adjourned to Dome to join the masses for Xmas eve concert and countdown. It was crowded and hot as hell.

Beautiful Xmas tree right at the entrance of Gurney Plaza =)

Santa forgot my prezzies, even though I've been such an angel this year T.T

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm feeling a little 'dry' lately, if you know what I mean. Ever since YZ, I haven't been going out with anyone. I've become more of a hermit. Yes, I do Facebook VERY actively and maintain a couple of profiles in some PLU websites, but I haven't met anyone new. Nor is there anyone who've piqued my interest. Sometimes, all this dating stuff can feel tiring. Ceh, feels like I'm getting old...T.T

I haven't been clubbing for almost 3 months, save going to a bistro last nite. My regular friends have kinda gone AWOL, haven't seem 'em for about 2 months, hence my hermit mode commenced. Been going out once in a while for movie or dinner with some other friends, but that's just about it. Ish...I need more action.

I find it rather frustrating how some people hook up so easily. They find someone with a snap of a finger, go dating and end up together 0.0

Whereas, I find that I'm fighting a losing battle sometimes =). If I go down, I'm going down hard...I mean going down fighting XD

What do they have that I don't? Oklah, granted they are better-looking or cuter or more handsome...I'd better stop here before self-esteem takes a dive =P. Anyhow, probably most people go find them anyways. They can just sit there and look good, and guys flock towards them, ain't that the truth? =)

So, what do regular people do to get action, or a lover? We chat and make online profiles hoping someone might take a fancy. Sounds familiar? Although, I kinda have the hunky-ness factor going on for me (or so people say), I don't really catch attention.

What to do? *go check Facebook*

PS: Wanna meet up? I'll let you feel my biceps XD

Friday, December 18, 2009

Right Place At The Right Time

It's Friday, TGIF! Some pics to brighten up your day, title says it all =)

Something you almost never see...cats enjoying a bath XD

Don't you wish you can fit as many balls in your mouth? (Not ME!)

So flexible that it's freaky. But, imagine how many dates I would get if I were that flexible =P

Baby sandwich anyone? But seriously, that baby is either gonna grow up claustrophobic or traumatised by fat people and/or body odor!

Subway saint =)

Get your paws off my human, bitch!

This guy is REALLY trying to save his apartment.

Now that's organized, same air time.

Seriously, what's he trying to prove? Shitting won't smell bad if your poop falls far away from you?

LOL, you call that hard? =P

Oh, the irony. this for real?

A sense of pride if you succeeded the challenge, and get your nuts bitten off if you fail.

LOL, poor granny. Got scared riding a sledge and got her funny expression posted on the internet XD

Landing won't be pleasant...

Girl: "Save me!".
Cat: "KNNCCB, save me first!"

This is epic, nice shot!

Looks like someone's either trying to be funny or get fired =P

Manufacturer must be handled mostly by men.

I'll take the hubby, TYVM! =P

Someone didn't know his own strength, or just trying to get her shirt off.

This is just...ROFL! I don't know which is funnier, the guy licking the armpit or the other guy's face XD

And my favorite of all...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ouch, My Back!

Yesterday afternoon, I injured my back again. This time, it's my lower back. It was the first time at that region and it definitely felt the worst so far. It was upsetting coz I very RARELY get injured. I was just doing my usual deadlifts and going into the 3rd set. I added another 5lbs and got into my 4th or 5th rep when suddenly, I felt a sudden strong pull from my lower back. Alarmed, I dropped the barbell and almost immediately the pain hit me. It wasn't a sharp pain, but rather a pulling, stiff pain.

It was stiff and painful enough that sitting, standing or any movement at all made me cringe in pain. Immediately, I packed my stuff and left the gym cursing. I REALLY hate getting sick or injured, and was dead worried how long it would take to recover. After much struggling, I managed to get into the car, drive home, pull myself out of the car, took a quick shower and went to see a doctor immediately. He gave me 3 days worth of painkillers and muscle relaxants, as well as an MC for today. I contemplated getting a massage and was thinking of asking for a good masseuse from Shawn, who had suffered a similar case before.

Luckily for me, a friend of mine, Justin said that he could help me out that evening. He used to work in a massage center and knew what he was doing. I know the real pain of such an injury would usually come with a vengeance the next day, so I immediately agreed. I'd hate to have this drag out for a week, so I was up for anything (credible of course) to help me recover ASAP. The massage session was kinda painful, but it was really worth it. I felt much needed relief as the pain subsided a little and my back felt less tense and tight.

I woke up this morning feeling better, although it's still a bit stiff. I guess I was lucky this time. It could have been worse, like a slipped disc, which would be friggin' excruciating. I really have Justin to thank, he really knew what he was doing.

To be honest, when I felt that injury, all I could think of was when I could start working out again. However, I won't be lifting until my back fully recovers. And when it's recovered, I'll be doing mostly upper body work and need to rehabilitate my back with light lower body work. I'll still be doing my cardio while gauging how my lower back feels. I hate to be idle. Didja think I was gonna quit and get scared? I'd rather face it head-on, and just be more careful in the future. Perhaps my form was a little incorrect during lifting, or I didn't concentrate at what I was doing, or I might've over-estimated my strength a little.

Bottom line is, I won't quit! I just need to be more careful.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being 'Manja'

While we were dating, YZ complained that I was too 'manja' towards him. It wasn't anything new to me, coz I DO tend to do that to my BF or someone I really like. What was new to me was that he was complaining about it =P

None of my exes, or people I've dated had a problem with it. But, YZ felt that I wasn't treating him on the same level. That I wasn't treating him like an adult or matured person. I didn't really see it that way coz I felt that I was just being more affectionate and caring. In reality, I really appreciated his level of maturity. It was a real breath of fresh air for me. AND, we had already developed a more intimate/sexual relationship, hence all the 'manja'ness.

If you are my BF or even potential BF, I would let my affections pour out and begin to pamper you. I would be more attentive towards you. I would always observe you and learn as much as I can about the person that you are. And yes, I love to manja manja every now and then, coz I really can't help it =P

I guess all those things come naturally for me, or perhaps it's what I perceive I should do when I enter into an intimate relationship, and I think a lot of people do it too. However, I DID have to tone it down a little. It was giving YZ a hard time so I had to respect that.

What about you? Do you like to manja manja with your BF or GF? =P

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Miss You...

The year is coming to a close and I realize that I'm still all alone. The days have gone by so fast, but I still remember what we had. It was brief but it was good. I remembered the sweet things you did for me. I remember the moments when we were together.

At the end of last year, you came into my life when I was feeling the loneliest. I jumped into it without much thought when I saw the look on your face, as we kissed under the moonlight on the beach, while you lay on my lap. You made me feel wanted again. You made me feel that I was worth it. I miss the cute and adorable things you'd do. I miss the sounds you made as I tickled you when you pretended not to let me kiss you. I miss the times when you called me 'lo gong'. It was so cute when you begged me to get off you coz I was heavy and you couldn't breathe. I miss just cuddling you when we had a chance to be together. I miss pampering you, making sure you're alright and had what you needed so that you'd be happy. But then 3 months on, it just ended as abruptly as it began. I'm sorry I had to break-up with you. I didn't see a reason how we could go on when you behaved that way. Although it didn't end well, I still kept the memories. Good ones are almost impossible to erase.

Then a couple of months ago, you came along. I honestly didn't know that anything would even happen when I pushed the 'Add as Friend' button on Facebook. The open flirting that ensued in Facebook really surprised me, but it felt good. When I met you I didn't expect much, coz I didn't know you at all. Our first date was really sweet. I remember it to this day. I find it rather endearing how 'aggressive' you were. I was surprised at how matured someone your age was, at least more than those your age that I've met. I miss it when we held hands in public. I miss how you'd sneak every opportunity to lean on me when we went on the escalators. I miss how you held my pinky finger when I had one hand on the gear as I drove. I miss how well you knew how to cuddle when we slept. I miss feeling your warmth beside me. I miss the way you wouldn't let me kiss your 'sensitive' places, afraid of making too much noise. I still think it's adorable. I also miss the adorable way that you walk, as you come down those steps to meet me when I came to fetch you. What I miss the most is going to the movies with you. Holding hands and cuddling so close, we might as well have bought the couple's seat. It was a pity you made the decision you did, because I really thought we could make something of it. I just want you to know that it was a great month for me. Sometimes I thought of being more aggressive, but I get the feeling that would just drive you away. Nevertheless, out of all those whom I've been with (not a lot), you were the one who treated me the nicest and cared for me the most. I just thought you needed to know that. To this day, I still miss you a lot.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lady GaGa On Ellen

Lady GaGa's interview on the Ellen Degeneres show during Thanksgiving.

Bad Romance live! XD

Her new song Speechless.

She's so quirky, down-to-earth, funny and incredibly talented. Love her to bits XD

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Feelin' It!

Christmas and New Year's is just weeks away and I'm definitely feelin' it! The Christmas carols playing everywhere. More Christmas food and desserts popping up on Youtube. Christmas-themed movies and TV series are out. Christmas trees, decorations and merchandise being sold here and there. It just gets you in the mood, ya know?

Anyhow, my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas lavishly. We don't have, or more accurately, we've never had a Christmas tree nor do we exchange gifts. Truthfully, we've never really observed the same traditional practices as our Western counterparts, except for the commercial side on Christmas. Putting aside the fact that mum and dad have been estranged for more than 10 years, we didn't really see the necessity to spend lavishly on decor or gifts, but would just rather spend time over good food. But one thing we still do (except for dad since he's Buddhist now), is sing along with Christmas carols! To me, Christmas carols are just instantly heart-warming and triggers a sudden sense of joy, mostly reminiscent of my childhood =)

Not THIS Christmas carol, but I love Jeff Dunham. Hilarious! XD

Usually on Christmas eve, I'd go out to celebrate with my friends. We'd hang out somewhere in town, usually around Gurney or upper Penang road and observe the masses, as people from all ages celebrate the countdown to Christmas. Some would get dressed up in Christmas hats or attire, and you might see some Santarinas around. It would be bloody crowded and things would get messy, especially when the youth get their hands on those pesky spray-on foam that come in cans. We'd usually take cover somewhere, probably in a restaurant when it gets closer to midnite to avoid being showered by foam and then, have graffiti sticking on to you. As soon as it hits Christmas, foam and graffiti hit the air and rain down everywhere. Everyone screams in unison and just goes besserk! It's really fun to watch (from a SAFE distance) and be apart of.

Then a week later, it repeats on New Year's eve celebrations, minus the Christmasy stuff! XD

On Christmas mornings, I'd go to church for Christmas mass with mum and sis, where there would be a rather corny but nevertheless, adorable show about the birth of Christ orchestrated by the Salvation Army's Children's Home's children. It would happen every year without fail, and it's sort of a tradition for my church. After that, we'd usually adjourn for Christmas lunch, usually somewhere rather fancy, and that's about it. Let's face it, Christmas in Malaysia is just like any other day. You don't exactly feel the vibe of festivities, as opposed to the other major holidays like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya. We are greatly toned down as compared to our Western counterparts.

As this year is coming to a close and the new year looms, it sometimes makes me feel kinda nostalgic and reflect on what I've or accomplished this year. Sadly, it wasn't much. A lot of tough times financially and I spent a lot of time battling my own inner demons. I guess I got too caught up in everything to notice the year slipping by so quickly and didn't manage to fully accomplish what I needed to do. I'm NOT gonna say a procrastinating thing like "there's always next year" nor point any fingers. My life is my own responsibility, and if I didn't deliver, I need to buck up. I'm just gonna get my focus back into gear and do what I set out to do. I aim to make my life better, not worse.

Also, I'm a bit torn on where to celebrate New Year's eve this year. Should I just stay in Penang or go party my brains out in KL? XD