Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fallen Into You

For the past week, I've been going out with WO. When Shawn first introduced him to us, I thought of him just being another friend. As usual, got WO's FB from Shawn and then proceeded to get WO's MSN after msging him on FB. Nothing fancy, just adding another friend and I had no ulterior motives (BELIEVE IT!). It was on one fine night early morning at 5am, a couple of days after we met, when suddenly he msged me on MSN. He was surprised we were both still awake. I had just finished WOW-ing and he had just gotten done with Dota. It was that 1 hour of chatting that got me intrigued. Definitely not as innocent as he seems. He's like the 3rd guy I've come across that looks innocent like a budak kampung, but suprises me in MSN.

Anyhow, I expressed interest in going out with him, so he agreed. Our first outing took us about 8 hours. It was on the 2nd day of CNY, after we both got done with our CNY visitations at nite. As I've written in the previous post, we went to several places that night. I sent him home at about 4am, but we both decided to just sit in the car, close to his home and just talk for a couple more hours.

As we continued to talk, his hand came over and held my arm. He began to draw closer, cuddling snuggly. I knew then that I had him...hehe. WO mentioned that he had fallen into my trap. I didn't realize I had set one. Perhaps subconsciously, I had laid the Pooh trap XD

Went out with him again last Friday for dinner @ Daorae Korean BBQ, drinks and some card games along with Shawn and Dennis. It was really sweet during the night, when we'd both sneak hold hands throughout. When it was over, the clock was ticking close to 1 am. Actually, I was pretty tired but WO didn't feel like going home. We ended up back in my place, since we had no idea where to go next. Long story short, more talking and cuddling ensued. Somehow, our clothes also ended on the floor =P. By the time we were done, I sent him home at 5 am.

I've even introduced WO to the rest of the gang last weekend, in a birthday gathering @ Mar Vista apartments. Action speaks louder than words. Everyone kinda knew what was going on. He's kinda shy in groups, but opened up after warming up to everyone.

Although we've only known each other for 2 weeks, we're all over each other. I love the way he likes to cuddle. I love the way he sneaks me a kiss when we're alone briefly. I love the way he holds my hand when no one's watching (except my friends of course). I love the way he hides behind me, smiling sheepishly when he's shy. I find him damn adorable, wanna cubit sometimes. He's bubbly, cheerful, talkative, open-minded and honest. At least that's the impression he has on me right now =)

WO said that he has been caught in the Pooh trap, but I kinda think it might be the other way around. He has captured me in more ways than one.

He makes me think,"Where have you been all my life?". He has successfully launched me to 7th heaven. I've never felt this way before. I really hope this lasts as long as it can. At the moment, we can't seem to get enough of each other, sticking together with such thick, viscuous sweetness.

The Pooh is officially smitten.

PS: Yes, expect more lovey-dovey, overwhelmingly-diabetes-inducing sweetness soon, here and in FB XD

Friday, February 19, 2010

Made My Day

Isn't it nice how unexpected certain small things, even words, can just make your day? I was at the gym yesterday night, when a casual conversation started between a cute indian girl and me. She's a new member at my gym and quite a regular there in the evenings. I glanced over her direction as she was doing some standing exercises.

Girl: Happy new year. Didn't go anywhere this CNY?

Me: Nope, it's damn hot lah. And I'm from Penang too. So, better stay at home.

Girl: Oh really? How old are you now? (I have no idea why she jumped to this question ><)

Me: Oh, I'm 29.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. I proceeded to pick it up and hand it back to her before it rolled down the stairs. (Indulge me, will you?)

Girl: WHAT? Are you serious?

Me: Yeah, I was born in 1980.

Girl: OMG, I really, really thought you were 23-24. Seriously!

Her eyes stayed wide for a couple more minutes. I smiled widely like the Cheshire cat and thanked her.

Apparently, I look younger than my age. Rafael commented on the same thing previously. He thought I was 24-25, mwahahaha!

How does the Pooh stay so young? Eat 5 buckets of 'hunny' a day. Ok...don't do that, you'd die from hyperglycemia next week ><.

Don't disillusion me k? Else you're BANNED from touching my pecs!

Hehe, kidding lah =p

No, I'm not...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Chinetine!

Happy Chinetine (Chinese New Year + Valentine's) everyone! I know this is late but better late that never right? Malas to go find any pictures to attach to this post. So, since it's a combination of these two special occasions, imagine a REALLY HOT guy, clad only in tiger-striped underwear (year of the tiger mah) with some 'ang pau's stuffed into it, while holding a 'kam' (mandarin orange) in each hand. LOL, sounds so salah kan? I don't care, it sounds hot!

Although both the first day of CNY and Valentine's fell on the same day, Valentine's seem to be taking a backseat. It's no wonder since everywhere seems to be filled with 'kam's, 'ang pau's and 'tong tong chiang's (CNY songs). As usual during CNY for some reason, it is so BLOODY, FREAKIN', SEAR-MY-SKIN-TO-A-CRISP-GOLDEN-BROWN HOT in Penang! If you're living somewhere in Peninsula Malaysia and think it's hot there, come to Penang island. Since we're an island and surrounded by the ocean, the heat here is downright unbearable the fierce afternoon. I've confirmed this by doing the 'steering wheel test'. I used to live in Malacca and when you got into your car at 3-4 pm into the afternoon, you could just start the car, put your hands on the steering wheel and drive off. Get into the car at the same time in Penang island, you'd feel like you're being slow-roasted as soon as you got into the car, and you wouldn't even be able to touch the steering wheel, unless you wanna sear your skin off. You'd have to wait 5-10 mins, open all the windows and turn the air-cond to full blast to avoid becoming a roasted pig. Every single one of my friends visiting Penang this week have been complaining how hot and dry it is. So, I'm not exaggerating. Better to stay indoors mostly, especially in my air-conditioned room XD

I'm seriously getting too old (29 T.T) for 'ang pau's already. Sure, they are nice for some pocket money so that I can go have sushi later, but at my age, handing out those red packets means some not-so-subtle questions about impending marriage. Aside from that, most of my elderly relatives, whom held our families together, have passed away. God bless their souls. As a result, less visitations means less 'ang pau's and also a much smaller extended family.

On another note, late last week, Shawn introduced me to a friend. His name is William. No, not William aka Suneo with phoenix eyes, but this one was more adorable =P. To avoid confusion, let's name him WO. WO looks really young, like REALLY young. I thought he was about 16-17 years old, maybe younger. Turns out he's already 20 -_-". PLUs nowadays, very deceiving in age. Didn't really think much about him, but I went out with him last Monday nite for dinner. Throughout the night, he struck me as a vibrant, extremely chatty young chap. Both of us went on and on for hours. Took him for dinner @ Red Garden, followed by a stroll along upper Penang road clubbing area. We couldn't decide where to sit for drinks, since Sega's was pretty noisy and I had to practically shout out every word. We ended up walking around until we both left for Starbucks @ E-Gate, which is quite a drive. By the time we got done there, it was already 4am ><.

Drove him home after that but parked somewhere near his place. Long story short, we ended up cuddling in the car until 6am. We promised to see each other again, so I'll be seeing him tomorrow for dinner along with Shawn.

Ish, always sleeping so late, no wonder I'm evolving into a panda! =P

Saturday, February 13, 2010

He Left

Rafael left for Bangkok yesterday morning. I've spent almost the whole week with him since I met him last weekend. Sometimes joining him and his friends. Sometimes just him and I, walking or going for drinks, talking the night away. He's nice and sweet. Nice enough for me to introduce him to some of my friends here. He's the first Brazilian I got to know personally. Same goes for my friends. And he did leave us with a good impression, as I've heard some nasty things about Brazilians before.

On Thursday night, after joining my friends and I for CNY dinner@ Chin Bee Tea cafe (highly recommended, food was really good), we went over for drinks @ Coffee Bean in Gurney. Towards the end of the session, he wanted to spend some time with me alone, so I agreed. I could sense that he was really sad, having to leave Penang the next day. Specifically, he was really sad to leave me behind. Although we had only known each other for a week, but he really likes me. I could see it in his eyes.

So, off we drove to his motel, but I parked somewhere outside where we talked a bit more. I had this HUGE, painful ulcer that night. Seriously, it's so huge, even Rafael got shocked when I showed it to him. Despite that, we still kissed, slowly coz he didn't wanna hurt me. One thing that I loved about him was how passionate he was when we kissed. He was said the same thing about me, since the last 2 Asian guys he kissed didn't really inject any emotion while smooching and/or didn't know how to do it well.

There we were, at the side of the small street, makin' out. I did notice motorists slowing to see what was going on in the car, but I didn't care. Mind your own fucking business and move on, thank you very much. It was Rafael's last night here, and I wanted it to be pleasant for him. After locking tongues for short while, I was starting to have the horns. And, I was really tired that night too. But the way he knew how to kiss, made little Markie 'awaken to the sounds of the horns'.

Rafael suggested that we went somewhere more private. I looked around and noticed that the same car shed was kinda full, so I drove into a small alley right beside it. Then, this stupid dog started running towards the front of the car barking his lungs out. Niama, if this were China, I'd be having claypot dog for CNY reunion today (I've never eaten dog btw).

So, I had to gostan back out and saw that there was a space enough for one car in the shed, so I parked there. I turned off the lights and we went down to business. And by got down I meant lowered the seats so that people couldn't see us. And by down to business, I meant we got 'orally acquainted with each other's nether region'. But seriously, no penetrative action k? I'm not petite enough, nor am I well-versed enough in yoga to position myself that way in my Wira k? Simply not possible! Pinggang terseliuh later!

After that was over, we hugged and cuddled. At some points he kissed and held me so tightly, I knew he was crying. He was really trying to hold it together. He's so sweet and passionate, I've never met anyone like him. But, I knew I couldn't open up my heart much to him, which kinda saddened me at that point. He was leaving after all, and if I got too attached, I'd end up hurting myself too. What he said about me was true, that I'm as sensitive as I am a nice person.

I promised him that I wouldn't forget him. After all, there's always Facebook, and there's a tiny giraffe soft-toy that he bought for me to remember him by. He's still in Bangkok as I'm posting this and he'll be heading to Italy before finally going back to Brazil.

I will miss him.

PS: To my kaypoh friends (you know who you are =P), we only did it TWICE. Believe it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I've Been Bad

Last weekend was rather happening, and naughty (on my part). It started off with pre-CNY dinner @ Shang Palace, a posh Chinese restaurant in Krystal Point, thanks to our dear organizer Isaac. Meet quite a few new people for the first time, namely Kevin, Eric, Joshua and Jacky. The last 2 I mentioned were cute ^^.

Food was quite good. The ingredients were fresh and portion of each dish was to serve all 9 of us. There was 10 actually, but one of the guys was still recovering from chicken pox, hence had a list of dietary restrictions and didn't want to eat anything. So, he was our ad-hoc photographer instead. However, I found that some of the dishes were a little bland and the flavour kinda subtle. Definitely needed a bit more salt and seasoning. I'd post some photos here too make you drool, both on the food and the guys, but the pics are yet to be available ><. After that, it was time for post pre-CNY dinner clubbing at BBC (Boom Boom Chambre) XD. No sarcasm please. *glares at William*

Anyhow, I went home first to shower and make myself look pretty change. Really didn't know what to wear. At last, I dug up my dark Esprit singlet and tried it on. I thought it felt kinda small and kinda tight. But, my sister good friend Jason, whom hitched a ride with me to BBC, said it's coz I had grown bigger. I still think I'm not that big, but I did gain some size. I guess the change is not so apparent if you see yourself everyday. It's been awhile since I flaunted it anyways =P

When we reach upper Penang road, it started to rain, coupled with chilling winds. Perfect, just when I'm scantily clothed not wearing a proper shirt. It was COLD AND WET. Had to wait for the traffic lights for 3-4 rounds before I decided to fuck it and just cross the damn road, braving the cold, fat drops of rain and chilling wind. By the time I got into BBC, I was really wet. Felt weird going into a club sporting the 'wet look'. Seriously, water was dripping off my arms and hair and there wasn't a cute guy ready with a towel to dry me off.

As usual, I loved the shows in BBC. Music was also MUCH better this time. Finally, complaints against the DJ wasn't falling to deaf ears. Three Lady GaGa songs played back-to-back, followed by PCDs etc. If a supposedly PLU club wasn't playing ANY Lady GaGa, Pussycat Doll, Rihanna, Beyonce etc, he/she needs to be shot in the face, 'nuff said *GANAS mode*. OR just fire the damn DJ, that'll work too =P

Loads of friends were there that night. I went with part of the dinner group, met up with another group, whom just came from a b'day BBQ and also met random friends inside. It's not that I'm famous or know a lot of people k? It's coz Penang island is small, so we're a more closely-knit 'community'.

I noticed I was getting more attention that night. Might be because the place is small, so you get noticed more. Might just be because I was flaunting it? I dunno. Got lotsa random smiles, looks and stares (which I felt weird about). I was introduced to some cute guys, whom were friends of my friends. Towards the end of the night, when BBC was closing, I did get approached by a couple of people but it wasn't anything much. Mainly just hi's and byes.

As I was exiting BBC, I saw this guy who looked like he might be Latino. He saw me, smiled and introduced himself. His name was Rafael. I was just making random small talk, being polite to a tourist mah. We moved to talk under a canopy in front of BBC, since it was STILL raining, but not as heavily as earlier. He was asking if there were other clubs that he could go to. He was kinda disappointed that clubs here close quite early, around 3-3:30 am. Apparently, where he comes from, clubs usually empty at 5-6 am, followed by more drinks at a bar!

As we talked, I found out he's actually Brazilian. He commented many times that I had a cute smile *blush*, when I always thought I looked like an idiot when I smiled =P. He's a 22-year-old post-grad student on a 6 month traveling vacation, before he resumes his job as a high-school teacher. Wah lau, why can't I have a 6 months vacation traveling around the world? Screw you, crappy Malaysian economy! T.T

Anyhow, since his motel was just nearby (around Love Lane area) and the sky still kept on peeing, the good Samaritan in me decided that I should extend my local Penang hospitality and give him a ride back. When we got there, it was already almost 3.30 am.

We talked for a bit in the car in front of the motel, then he said,"Can you pull over more to the front? I really wanna kiss you...".

I dunno what made me do it. Maybe it was his charming smile and/or his beautiful light green eyes. Maybe it's because I was kinda 'dry' lately. Maybe I had looser inhibitions this year. So, I agreed.

After about 30 mins, I hinted that I had to leave. Promised some friends go yumcha, but he was hesitant to let me go, so I ended up '747ing' them. He was a really good kisser. The best I've ever had. Long story short, I drove to a nearby car shed, shut the lights and a 'mingling of cultures' ensued. When we were done, it was already past 5 am...

I've NEVER done anything like this in my life. I'm so decent after all *glares at anyone who dares to laugh*. But it was fun. It was...GOOD. By the time I got home, it was almost 6 am. I turned in only at 7 am, after showering and updating FB XD

Oh gosh, the Pooh has been bad!~

PS: Was I subtle enough? =P

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My good friends tell me I'm such a carnivore. Zemien knows I love my protein. I can't help it, I love my meat!

Coincidentally, I found this in Youtube.

My fave expression comes from chef Michael Symon (love the guy),"Meat on meat on meat." I wonder why...?

Mmm...who doesn't love a meat fest? =P

Watching this awakened my inner carnivore even more. RAWR!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lots Of New Faces And Bumping In KL

Just got back from KL AGAIN yesterday. Seriously, I gotta take a break from going to KL so often. It's breaking my budget, so the next trip won't be so soon. Probably after a few months. The main highlight of the trip for me was actually meeting up with some bloggers and new faces.

Went to MP on Saturday with a few friends. Met up with Wayne, a twink friend from Penang who's currently studying to be a hairstylist in KL.

Went upstairs and found Eric and a few other bloggers (sorry guys, if you're reading this, not familiar with your blog yet). As the night progressed, I slowly remembered why Eric looked SO familiar. I swore I'd seen him before. Then, it dawned to me that I DID meet him and his BF before while I was studying back in MMU Malacca. I'm not sure if he remembers it coz I was still a fat-ass way back then.

As usual, you get to bump into people from Penang and other familiar faces there. Bumped into Desmond from FB, whom I wanted to meet but forgot to inform him that I was going to MP. Immediately pulled him aside when I saw him and luckily he remembered me, and managed a squeeze on my pecs =P

Bumped into Michael, an ex-schoolmate of mine in MP. Bumped into Josiah from FB, but kinda shy to go over talk to him ><. Found out that Michael actually knows him, SO I immediately prompted him to intro. However, Josiah was already partially drunk. I doubt he would remember me the next day =P. Although I don't usually drink, I did have some long island, but not much. Then, a friend of a friend gave me a drink when I went downstairs. Out of courtesy, I finished it, and was kinda high and blur at the same time the whole night. After MP, went all the way to Wangsa Maju's BRJ for their famous nasi lemak ayam. Yes, after all that booze, I crammed lots of fat into me. By the time I got back, showered and slept, it was already 6 am. Woke up at about 12 pm on Sunday, went over to 1U for lunch with my bestie Joseph. In the afternoon, I was accompanied by one of my dearest fag hags friend, Hanies @ the Curve. Cannot tahan, needed my caffeine at the time. So, we settled down at Theobroma Chocolate lounge for some indulgent Mocha Frappes, delish fish cakes and a sinful dessert of milk chocolate drizzled waffles topped with sliced strawberries. I didn't take any pics, so drool from your imagination, will you? XD

We talked for almost 3 hours, while I partially drifted in and out of the conversation 'washing my eyes' =P

After that, she sent me back to 1U, and that's where my workout 'fun' started. I was supposed to meet up William and gang at the Champs at Center Point, Bandar Utama. You see, I didn't know Bandar Utama and 1-Utama weren't the same place, because some KL folks often refer to it as the same place. AND, there is supposedly also a center point within 1U. SO, I ended up doing a cardio session within 1U for 30 mins looking for the restaurant in 1U. Up down, new to old, old to new wing. Wah lau, but I needed that to burn off all the chocolate anyways. On top of that, JL was mad at me for being late to meet him at 1U, coz he wanted to join me for dinner too. In the end, JL went to have dinner with another friend T.T

After more than 30 mins and several phone calls from William later, I found that I needed to take a taxi to Bandar Utama. The Indian taxi driver took me to Holland and back and charged me RM 13, when Bandar Utama was just close by ><. I handed him a RM 50 note when we got there, he just looked at me and said,"Tarak tukar boss." FML! I got out, sprinted to a nearby McD's and got a bottled water, sprinted back to the taxi and paid him promptly. Oklah, pity him also, let him have that extra lah. Gave a call to William again coz I still couldn't find The Champs after scrabbling up and down T.T Apparently, that place has a new and old wing too, many wings -_-"

After all that, I finally got there fashionably late and partially out of breath. Dinner was supposed to be 7:30 pm, but I got there nearly 9 pm due to miscommunication and my ignorance ><. So there I was, meeting William, a cute lil' bear and his big salmon. Also there was William's possibly lesbian (according to Michael) bestie, Cheryl. The lil' bear and salmon looked so adorable together in matching striped T-shirts. Possibly underwear also might be matching, who knows? XD

When dinner was done, we adjourned downstairs for drinks at Black Canyon to make more noise and get to know each other more before the Bear and Pikey had to leave for bear-taming activities since Pikey had to work on Monday.

Great times, lotsa laughs. Thanks guys, look me up when you grace the shores of Penang. I will fatten you up with our food XD