Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fixing My Face

I've decided to do something more to improve my face. If you missed out, go here. Today, I went to a beautician, highly recommend by a friend of mine. I've seen the before and after results after a few months of treatment had on his face and I gotta say, I'm sold.

So, I had an appointment set at 3pm today. My facial started as soon as I got there and believe it or not, it lasted 4.5 HOURS! Yes, 4.5 hours of lying on a comfortable bed, in a air-conditioned room and having your face massaged soothingly. Plenty of procedures went on, from washing, moisturizing, pimple extraction (this procedure probably killed 5 years off my life), toning etc etc...and lastly finishing off with a soothing and refreshing bamboo coal (or was it clay?) mask.

After some explanation from the owner of the place, my face is more suited for a purifying treatment, not dermabrasion, peeling etc etc...that will only cause zits to re-occur. I should also use only water-based products, shouldn't use any sun block and stay clear of any oil- based moisturizers...if I got that right. Felt kinda blur and woozy after lying around doing nothing for 4.5 hours. All in all, a good session. My face felt really clean, refreshed and smoother. My zits will probably be inflamed tomorrow, after the brutal extraction session. So, I was advised NOT to pick at them. *Note to self: Must wear baby gloves tomorrow* -_-"

Anyhow, I signed up for 10 facial sessions and bought 10 sets of amp-something (forgot what it was), which is used during each session and this entitles me to 50% discount for each facial session as well.

How much will all of this incur on my wallet?

10 sets amp + 10 facials (assuming RM 100 per session, it can vary) = RM 350 + RM 1000 =
RM 1350

1 set of sponge for facial session = RM 15
2 oil control cleansing gels = RM 100
1 oil control toner = RM 118
1 pure balance acne serum = RM 138
1 pure balance acne cream = RM 148
1 corrective cream for oily skin = RM 98


I only paid RM 1067, I will pay the other RM 900 when I go for the sessions. So I will be spending a bomb, all for better looks. Combine this with my recent car escapades and I'll probably be joining the destitute come next month.

Damnit...why must gay people be vanity personified?!?!?!


NiTa said...

err.. to answer ur q, dar...
its because gay ppl are superficial..
they need to be... its a requirement to capulate...

Mark said...

Hehe...I think you meant 'copulate' =P

Yeah lor...only difference between gay and metro people are probably the people they screw XD