Monday, December 22, 2008

Why Did I Start Blogging?

Half a year ago, I was only a blog reader. I frequented famous blogs like Kennysia and Robby's. Then, I got hooked on fitness blogs such as Tom Venuto's and DM. Along the way, my appetite extended to famous floggers (food bloggers), especially from Penang, such as VKeong, PenangTuaPui and What2See, to name a few.

Soon enough, I decided to join the online sensation that is blogging. Here's some of the reasons why I started and continued till now:

1. I wanted to join the crowd. Yes, I'm guilty of the adopting the sheep mentality and wanting to follow the herd. Blogging is an ever growing internet trend and I want to be part of it!

2. I noticed the sheer power and influence a blogger can have on its readers, followers and other netizens. It's amazing sometimes how much a blog can influence a person's life, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. So, to quote Eric Cartman: "Respect my authoritar!"

3. I see blogging as another form of social networking in cyberspace. Since I started, I've gotten to know quite a few people, especially other bloggers whom I find intriguing, funny and friendly.

4. I can share different parts of me (not physically, but my personality!) with the world. I tend to be more brave when revealing my funny, wild, sentimental and sarcastic side in cyberspace.

5. I find it a convenient platform to deliver and share knowledge, especially for a clueless internet junkie like me who doesn't know how to setup my own website. *n00b*

6. I find it gratifying when you have people who take interest in what you write and leave comments *BIG HINT*. But ultimately, I still blog because I want to!

7. It's a great way to track my thoughts, emotions and activities. Blogging is like a public diary and is a great emotional and mental outlet for me.

8. Possibly another good way to earn more cash? Someone needs to teach me how...

9. My slightly narcissistic nature propels me to attempt to be popular by blogging!

So, why do you like to blog?


vkeong said...

I don't consider myself as famous, but haha, one of the reasons I started to blog 3 years ago was to join the bandwagon too. Another reason being wanting to promote my hometown (Bukit Mertajam) food.. because it's quite to see when people talk about Penang food or travel spots, it's all about the island only.. Anyway, good luck in your blogging venture :)

vkeong said...

sorry, missed a word in my comment.. "quite 'sad' to see" :)

Twilight Zone said...

Like you I was a blog reader but for 3 years, mainly in Thailand's blog. Then my friends bombarded me to start blogging about ghost stories and here I am. I think you need to blog more frequent to keep the readers excited always. Penang has so much goodies to share lah... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mark said...

vkeong: Hey! Fancy seeing you here. I didn't know you read my bloggie! But I DO consider you as a famous blogger. Love your flog, which is now extending its appetite to KL =)

TZ: Yes, I agree. Penang does have a lot to be shared, will do when I finally get myself a camera =)

ck lam said...

It was very nice of you linking me to your blog. I started blogging last year and introduced mostly food and places in Penang.
Along the way, I made plenty of friends and readers and you are one of them. I truly appreciate your support to my blog.
Glad to see you getting active in blogging and I hope you get the best out of it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the statement about blog is like a public diary which is a great emotional outlet whenever the blogger is feeling down or depressed because it is good to know someone out there actually read and comment to your problem which in turn makes the blogger feel calm and happy that a stranger out there actually cares for him/her too. Wow! This is the longest one sentence I've ever written. Hahaha!!!

Furthermore, there are things that you feel shy to talk it out with your parents or friends, so the blog is the best way because you won't have to face anyone face to face.

I blog because I love to write and love people to read what I write. Hey, it rhymes. Hahaha!!!

Mark said...

CK: Hi CK, thanks so much for dropping by! I've always loved your flog. I hope that I can join some of the flogger gatherings in future =)

Calvin: Yeah, spot on. Not only do you get to vent and let yourself go to share things that you normally wouldn't, sometimes support from others, even strangers can really help.

joyousnymph said...

Hi, just to add to your list of why's!

Prior to that, I don't read blogs and I've no inkling on how to go about it.

When my daughter passed on, she left her blog behind. I was in deep grief and I miss her so much that I couldn't get on with my life!

Then, an idea struck! Why don't I spend my time learning how to blog so that I could 'talk' to her in her virtual diary(perhaps, she's up there reading her mum's rambling?)

Now, I feel so much happier. Not only I keep her blog alive, at the same time I find blogging a good form of therapy to manage intense grief.

There are people who thought that I must be mad/ridiculous to 'talk' to a dead person. To me, it brings peace knowing that I do it my way, the way that I see is able to help 'uplift' a person spiritually, psychologically, mentally and physically!

To me, blogging is an outlet to let go of my pent up traumatic emotions which could be critical if not well managed!

Mark said...

joyousnymph: Thanks so much for sharing your touching story, and I'm terribly sorry for your loss.

It's great that you've found an outlet thru blogging to help you deal and get past your grief. It really does help to blog down your emotions as a form of expression and therapy. Don't care what others say, do what you think is right and helps you in any way.

Keep on blogging!

dailymuscle said...

Hi Mark - glad to have been an inspiration to you.

All the best!

Robb said...

i'm not famous la

Mark said... lah. No need to be modest =)