Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things That Annoy Me at the Gym

A few things that annoys me in the gym:

1. Being freakin' loud in the gym, whether you're lifting or not. If you're lifting and screaming as if someone stepped on your balls all the time, perhaps you should lighten your weight or face an injury that will really FEEL as if someone stepped on your balls!

2. Hogging the machine/weights with a bunch of friends and spending like 10-15 mins between each bloody set chatting! C'mon lah, go to the gym, do yer shit and get out! Wanna chat, do it after you're done or go mamak lah!

3. The only guy previously in my gym who keeps taking off his shirt and pulling up his pants until they resembled boxers, then uses the weights and keeps making sex noises. We all KNOW you're nice and ripped, but no one likes a bloody show-off. Furthermore, he's pissing off the ladies coz they think he's being indecent! (I know this is a isolated case, but just wanted to point it out =P)

4. People who leave a puddle of sweat on whatever machine/equipment they use and don't both to wipe up.

Now what about you? What ticks you off at the gym?


Beng said...

as for me, i am popular in my local gym both among the men and the ladies. of coz there will b those newies who dont know the proper ethics. live and let live. why shud i let them annoy me or spoil my day? :)

the gym is quite a big place. if i see an annoying person i walk off to the pool, sauna or watever catches my fancy. but in my gym, we r all rather accomodating.

Mark said...

Oh? Which gym do you frequent? I'm quite a regular and common face around mine as well.

Sometimes, it's not that you let them annoy you, but it just happens. And usually I can see others getting annoyed too =P

Bengbeng said...

i can understand wat u mean, so very well. hahaha. the main thing is i refuse to let others spoil my day :)