Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from KL trip!

Hey all, I've not been updating for the past 1 week but I'm back! I just arrived back in Penang an hour ago from KL. Whole trip was very last minute but it was great!

Last Friday, I got an SMS from some good friends of mine, enticing me to make a sudden trip to KL and go club at one of KL's latest gay hangouts called Market Place. Long story short, hopped on a bus on Saturday at 1pm, arrived in KL in the evening at KTM commuter station, took commuter to KL Sentral, couldn't find the damn Monorail station (which is just across the street from KL Sentral station, but in my defense, it was kinda concealed!). Ryan and Eric were so nice to drop by KL Sentral station to pick me up and drop me at KL Plaza in Bkt Bintang, where I am to share an apartment with Martin (thanks so much for letting me stay FOC!). I got there at 7:30pm and by the time Martin and I met up with Isaac, his dear and another friend for dinner, it was already 10:30pm. Wah hungry until I became dizzy and nauseous (Silly me for not eating something earlier...but I thought dinner was supposed to be at 8:30pm la).

After dinner, we drove to Market Place and there was already a LOOONG queue when we got there at about 12am. It's like more than half of KL's gay people were there! Anyhow, thanks to Sam Sam and gang, we got in pretty fast and managed to get a nice spot at the lounge area. The environment and decor in Market Place is very nice and feels comfy. However, I felt that the dance floor seriously needs to be bigger and the music needs to be improved. I...can't stand TECHNO the whole night. Gimme some R&B please! Where's my hip hop beats? Where's my Rihanna?

It was CROWDED AS HELL that night, especially on the dance floor. Seriously, trying to squeeze into the crowd down there and attempting to dance feels like risking your life. It was friggin' packed, even going down into the dance floor was like squeezing into a can of sardines, and then placing that can into the oven. SO crowded, hot and sweaty...standing down there for 10 mins felt like being in a sauna, only the occupants were at very close proximity =P

Other highlights of the night, eye candy were APLENTY that night. There were A LOT of damn sizzlin' hot or cute guys around, thank my lucky stars. And it was quite eventful for me as well. I bumped into some ex-uni friends, bumped into some of my friends in Penang (seriously, I will meet someone I know from Penang every time I go clubbing in KL, weirdly coincidental) and lastly, bumped into an ex-schoolmate from secondary, whom I had NO idea was gay! Bigger surprise for me...he knew I was gay before this coz he saw my online profile!

We spent our time there until Market Place closed at 3am, then proceed to Jalan Alor for some great supper, while chatting and laughing till the wee hours. By the time Martin and I got back to KL Plaza and slept, it was already 6am!

Managed to wake up before 2pm and the four of us (Martin, Isaac, Sam Sam and I) met up and spent Sunday afternoon in Pavilion until Isaac sent me to KTM commuter station at 7pm to catch my bus back home.

For me, it's simply great seeing some of my good friends in KL after months! Isaac and Sam Sam, thanks the great time. MISSED YOU BOTH HEAPS! Really great seeing you both again =)


Anonymous said...

No wonder this few days I didn't see you ONLINE... :p

Mark said...

Hehe...yeah, it was a bit of a rush. But it was great =)