Saturday, August 2, 2008

KFC Breakfast Meals

KFC have been trying to compete with McDonald's by introducing a breakfast menu and having their outlets open for 24 hours. In addition, fast food outlets have been trying to customize their menus to cater for locals in different countries, and Malaysia is no exception. However, some of the things that they do is just downright absurd and...WEIRD! I saw this from a KFC flyer received in my mail a couple of days ago that introduced their latest 'customized' meal:

Honestly, when I saw their Nasi Lemak Wrap, I just burst out laughing. OH MY GOD! This just looks ridiculous and downright expensive. Basically, it's just normal nasi lemak with all the basic ingredients (coconut rice, anchovies, sambal, cucumber and chicken) wrapped in a tortilla, and they are charging a whopping RM 5.40 for the ala carte. You have to dig out an extra RM 1.50 if you add coffee/tea/orange juice, which looks really small in the picture too. Nutritionally, it would just be another calorie bomb (Well, everything is already a calorie bomb in KFC anyways, except their garden salad!). They've taken something already high in fat and starch, and wrapped in more starch! If I were to have nasi lemak, I'd rather search from local food outlets, which serve them fresh and won't rape your wallet.

The wrap is just 1 of 2 new items on their breakfast menu. They now have, just plain NASI LEMAK! And without any chicken too! Why would anyone go to KFC for breakfast, which specializes in fried chicken, to eat plain nasi lemak WITHOUT chicken for a higher price, is beyond me. You actually need to pay MORE to add chicken, which would just further stretch your wallet.

You can check out the rest of their breakfast menu here. Personally, I wouldn't bother stepping into any fast food outlet for breakfast, unless I have no other choice other than to starve.


Anonymous said...

Don't eat too much fast food. Later pimples pop out again :p Plus nowadays the weather is so bad (hazy)... :(

Mark said...

Hehe, I'm a health nut. I rarely eat fast food =)

Oglasi posao said...

I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog.

Charenn29 said...

i love KFC since i was a child.