Monday, August 3, 2009

After Meeting Him

His name is Terry. Instead of meeting him for the first time on Saturday (25th July), we met on Thursday night itself (23rd July) at Prangin Mall, right after his haircut. As soon as I saw him, it struck me that he looked really familiar. Yes, I had definitely seen him before, maybe during clubbing. We went for a simple dinner and chatted the night away. Then, I brought him to go for some ice-cream. I know how he loves sugar =P

We met for the 2nd time on Saturday, after a gathering with some friends whom I've not seen for a while. They insisted I bring Terry for clubbing at Fame. Momo has closed down, so the PLU crowd has migrated to a new establishment. Overall, Fame is pretty nice, new and spacious, music isn't too bad and the crowd there is kinda divided. You will obviously see the gay and straight side, which reminded me of Cafe that closed down as soon as I returned from completing my studies to Penang (bad luck!). Anyhow, both of us didn't actually plan to go for clubbing and neither of us were dressed for it. We actually wanted to have drinks or something, since it was around 11pm when I picked him up. So, I was sporting some sort of beach wear look, with a singlet, rugged bermuda shorts and sneakers, while he resembled someone who was going to the gym, wearing a dark shirt, dark long exercise pants and also sneakers XD

It was a little boring at first, as the crowd and music hadn't picked up yet. But soon as the night progressed, we found ourselves up on stages dancing and shakin'. He's really flexible and fluid when he dances, exactly like his Youtube videos. Gosh, he can really dance. I guess being a dance instructor's assistant pays off.

Overall, he strikes me as a nice and simplistic person. And yes, I think he's adorable. We still text and talk to each other after that night. I didn't see him last weekend as I was on a FABULOUS trip to KL and he's usually busy during weekdays from his work and dance classes. So, will this just be another friendship or something more? I don't know and I'm keeping my options open.

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