Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sick Pig Virus, Ninjas and Freedom

The sick pig virus (H1N1 lah!) is getting increasingly wide-spread lately. More and more cases are reported daily from across the world and no one is spared. Seriously, H1N1 is the most contagious epidemic ever to hit us. It spread so alarmingly fast across continents beyond anything scientists had ever seen, even more so than SARS. As a result, ninjas (people wearing face masks) began appearing everywhere. So much so that I'm feeling left out for not becoming a ninja myself. You know lah, I'm kinda a hypochondriac -_-"

Last Monday, I met a fellow PLU blogger Freedom09 (keeping his anonymity) from Kuching, along with my good friend Zemien who've just returned from Beijing. He was visiting Penang briefly with his family and apparently, is Zemien's god bro. What a freakin' small world! Anyhow, we met in Old Town at New World Park and Freedom09 brought along a friend, who's also a PLU in Penang that I happen to know (only met him once). Small small world indeed. Long story short, the four of us played some cards and chatted the night away. To those who wonder, Freedom09 struck me as a funny and witty fella. Wanna know more about him ah? Go kacau him at his blog XD


Freedom09 said...

I really wonder I should take it as compliment or sarcasm! :P

Brandon aka Chris said...

You are right, what a small world~ And you have such a good memory to recall my last-moment-made-up pseudo.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Not fair! You promote his blog three times, meaning you put his blog link thrice. Urgh! Sudah lupa aku. :(

Mark said...

Freedom09: Not sarcasm my dear =)

Chris: Calling you this coz it's how I knew you, pseudo or not. Hehe yes, I have good never piss me off XD (kidding!)

Calvin: My dear, meet me up in KL and I will post your link 3 times also. Don't worry, your secret will be safe with me XD