Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Searching For Greener Pastures

Well since the cat's out of the bag among my close colleagues, I won't keep it a secret anymore. I didn't wanna post this earlier because I don't know whom from work might be reading (apparently some folks in production do!). I'm back on a job hunt and this time, I'm targetting SG. I really need to search for something better. I started to do this beginning of the year, but stopped due to the economic plunge, fears of retrenchment (especially if you're new to the company) and hiring freeze by many places. The worst of the storm have passed and it's somewhat calmed a little, so I'm sticking my head out of the sand and taking a peek into the job field again.

My current job feels kinda dead-end and I really don't think there's any hope for a promotion or better increment in the near future. I'm not blaming solely this on the current economy, because I have colleagues who've been here 5 years and have still not been promoted, which pretty much sucks hard! Usually in this company, you'd get a promotion within 2 years if you're average, and a year if you're good. Some of my ex-colleagues in same department left because of this very reason, no good career prospects. Furthermore, my company is a LARGE US MNC, so it's either we've been overlooked or the immediate management in my department doesn't give a rat's ass about it's employees prospects and satisfaction.

Even for myself, being an engineer here for 3 years, only received a measly increment of about RM 400. And this was WAY before the economy hit rock bottom. Don't tell me that it's how my company works, coz I see employees in other departments getting promoted left and right and getting much better increments. So, I guess this just boils down to my department and how WE work. Even my counterpart in China, doing the same job that I'm doing, have gotten at least 2 promotions and better increments annually. So that's it, I'm calling it quits and looking for something better, and Singapore would be a good choice.

The most prominent reason I'm doing this, apart from my so-called dead-end job, is that I want to elevate my financial status. I abhor financial stagnancy and being in the mediocre, average income group forever. One of the better ways to do this would be to work in a country where the currency value is higher. I narrowed it down to SG or AUS initially, but decided on SG as it would be closer to home. Dollar for dollar, I would be paid the same. For example, if I'm paid RM 2500 here (not actual income), I'd also get paid SGD 2500 there. So, I'd get a better deal there for sure. I plan to stay in SG too, as opposed to travelling through the cosway if I stayed in Johor. I'm sick of crossing the bridge every day and I've heard that the traffic jams on the cosway is worse. Rent would be the only thing that's expensive. However, Singapore has much better buying power compared to Malaysia, so I'd spend less for more there. Not that I'm a heavy spender, I just spend mostly on food and supplements anyway. Furthermore, the public transport service is incredibly efficient, well-connected and cheap. I'd rather pay a bit more for rent and have more time for myself. Why waste more time?

Secondly, mum would stop working in a few years and I'll be the sole breadwinner of the family. She's getting old, but luckily she's employed by a MNC from US, which doesn't emphasize retirement age policies, so she can actually continue working as long as she wants. However, I don't want her working till she's 60. She should relax and rest more, not continue being the stressed out workaholic that she is. Sis has just started college and if she doesn't do well for her SAM (South Australian Matriculation), she won't be able to get a government loan to proceed and we will need to continue paying for her fees. So, I really need the BOOST in income too prepare for the worst.

Thirdly, I need a CHANGE of location and environment. I've been stuck in Penang for too long and it's getting kinda boring. Don't get me wrong, I love Penang to bits but I'm ready to move on and experience a new place and new things. I'm also excited by the fact that it might be the first trip out of Malaysia (yes, I know it's SAD) and I think SG would be a good place to be in. You know, the excitement of going to a new place for the first time can be pretty motivating. Having said that, I'm still keeping my options open. If I get a good deal elsewhere like Australia or a REALLY good deal locally in Malaysia, I'm still gonna take it.

At this point, my friends would be saying "Wah, go stay in SG. Sure wanna kau a lot of lengzhai already". Honestly, that's not my intention at all. Well, maybe slightly, partially...but that's not the main point here. I've heard some bad things about guys in SG and how they dislike guys from Malaysia, so I'm not optimistic. Well, if I happen to meet someone nice, it'd be a perk XD


J said...

If you have decided that there is no future in the company, then you should look for a better one. you also have said it yourself that the economy is better now. My colleagues are also leaving because of the company that we are working on. Everyone is leaving... cry !!

Mark said...

Yeah, exactly.

Anonymous said...

lol you are just too optimistic about the economic situation.

David said...

Wow you're leaving Penang. Yes the reasons why you should go to Singapore are good ones, especially the public transport and currency exchange to send money to your family. One thing though, the gay guys there.... I HEARD that there is a very heavy emphasis on having a muscular body and acting macho in Singapore. We trust that Singaporeans won't be more superficial than Malaysians right?

Mark said...

Yeah David I am. I think SG guys are more superficial, but that's to be tested. Anyhow, like I mentioned, I'm not hoping for anything, just have fun and enjoy myself while I'm there. SG guys are hot, I am not =)