Monday, August 10, 2009

Back To Square One

I met him again last Friday but only briefly. He had just finished gym and was gonna head home before meeting me at Gurney Plaza. We chatted briefly and he was being his usual charming self. I told him that I wanted to go out with him on Saturday but he was unable to confirm but he might be free after 7 pm on that day. So, I told him we could confirm by texting each other before then. As it was getting closer to 7 pm, nothing from him. So, I texted him and still nothing. Sent him a couple more text messages and still nothing.

Well, this time I'm not gonna be naive. I guess he might be pre-occupied with his new job and constant dance classes. Having said that, I've never accepted busy for an answer. How hard can it be to reply messages when you have a smidgen of free time between busy hours? Even before that night, he'd almost never text me at all, unless I did it first. He knows that I like him and his lack of response just shows his response, that he's not interested. I'm not gonna push him aside though, because that's his decision. I've been in a much worse situation before, so I've learnt my lesson of going after someone who doesn't show the slightest interest.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you can think like this way! It's not a big deal to do such way as you don't into 'trap' that makes yourself more sad / angry / mad etc. In this world, there are a lot of PLUs waiting for you to choose! =p

freddiewee said...

U know wat, I SO agree with you. I'm also kinda in the same situation as u, and the guy can text me and say he's busy at the moment u know...aft tat nothing..NOTHING...
u know wat? Maybe we should jus move kevin says, there are a lot of PLUs waiting...but i bet deep down inside us, there's a teeny tiny sound tat keeps telling us, what if he's the right one...or maybe he's really busy? then how?

Freedom09 said...

Hey, hopefully you're really thinking that way. I wish you don't get hurt because of the false hopes. These happened to me too, I guess we all learn from the lessons. All the best!


Mark said...

Kevin: Thanks ya

freddie: I've been in such a situation before and I'm not about to let history repeat itself. That teeny tiny voice can kiss my ass =P

Freedom: Yes I am, I don't like to make the same mistake twice. I learn to let go as soon as I feel that guy isn't interested. After all, I might not have gained a bf, but gained a friend. Well, unless he pisses me off in the process, he's still a friend XD