Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winds of Change

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Been busy up my ass at work and this will last throughout September. Been noticing some changes in my life and myself lately too, aside from the fact that I'm going to make a career move to SG.

For starters, I've been getting some attention from guys lately. Some have been asking around about me and I've gone on a date or 2 but nothing much. It's just something that I've noticed and I guess I do have some appeal. I'm starting to care less about my zits. It's not something that I can fully control anyways, why bother too much about it? I guess being noticed and getting some attention is giving me a minor boost in self-esteem. Sometimes I do feel down about them, but those episodes are getting less frequent. I seem to have developed a better and more positive outlook about my appearance, which is a good thing.

Physically, I've noticed that my shoulders have grown broader. My chest and arms are slightly larger while I'm getting leaner. It's either they've grown bigger or appear bigger as I become leaner. Either way, I'm pleased with it. My weight has been fluctuating between 73-74 kilos so it's a good thing too. I've been working out for a few years now, and I've come to notice that my body encounters a period of stagnancy, where there are almost no results. Then suddenly, everything comes all at once. I can faintly, but clearly see a six-pack, especially in the morning when water retention is at it's minimum. Compliments from friends and gym members are defintiely encouraging =)

Regarding myself, I'm striving to break out of rigidity and routine. Being too restricted by plans, self-made rules or restrictions and habits can be very stifling. After all, life doesn't always go according to plan and you might not find everything in your favor in a perfect day. So, the best way is to be more flexible and go with the flow. It feels very liberating and you don't feel the pressure of total obedience or guilt. I'm finally breaking the bad habit of being late, as Zemien can attest to. I still need to break bad habit of poor sleeping habits though. I have to admit, it's the hardest break since I'm a night owl for as long as I can remember.

Sorry I don't have any interesting updates. Let's see if life picks up in future.


Freedom09 said...

bestnya got people attracted to you. Good for you lo. Yea, don't restrict to too much rules, set yourself free, and you'll see the world has much more things for you to explore and enjoy. But please don't sex up easily. Strip is ok. :P

Brandon said...

Yaya. You were the earliest that night~