Monday, May 4, 2009

A Big Bang into May!

Update: more pics added!

Last Wednesday, I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad burning sensation in my chest. It was hot enough to make me really uncomfortable and wake up sweating. When I awoke in the morning, I felt some mild pain when I swallowed food or water. Over a couple of days, it intensified. Swallowing anything at all be it food, water or even my own saliva triggered a sharp pain. It was as if I was trying to swallow a big rock with jagged edges, and my throat was agonizingly pushing it down as it gouged the walls of my esophagus. However, the pain would only occur when whatever I swallowed reached the middle of my sternum (mid point of your chest). This felt peculiar because I wasn't suffering from a bad cough, flu, breathing difficuties or muscular aches around my chest. Sometimes, it was painful enough that I could actually picture an alien offspring trying to push its way out of my chest. Being a hypochondriac, I did some research on Google and suspected it might be acid reflux. I really hoped it wasn't something as bad as a hiatus hernia.

Last Friday, I was supposed to head down to KL, but considered cancelling it. It had become SO painful that I really needed to see the doctor. Luckily, it wasn't hernia (PHEW!). I might've triggered a really bad acid reflux the day before when I did weight-training. Apparently, I might've unknowingly strained myself hard enough for acid to push into part of my esophagus and injuring the walls over the course of the night, which explains the heartburn that woke me up. Anyways, knowing it wasn't a hernia calmed my nerves a little, but I was still reeling from the pain. So, I wasn't going to cancel the KL trip, which I'm really glad I didn't! After the doctor's, I joined Zemien and the gang for lunch at Smoky Jack's before I headed to KL in the evening.

Best dish overall, BBQ Pork Ribs. Very tender and juicy!

BBQ Beef Ribs. This is a limited item for lunch, only 3 sets available per day. However, it was rather dry.

Tata Fish. Tasted like normal fish and chips.

I had the Grilled Salmon. Tasted soft and buttery, quite good actually.

The lunch gang!

The KL trip last weekend was AWESOME, much better that the last one despite being in pain. Arrived late Friday evening and had to take yesterday's morning bus home, and as usual I took Aeroline both ways. So, I only had Saturday to plan for the outings, meet up with friends and party my brains out.

Saturday started with lunch at 1-Utama with Isaac, my good friend and gracious host who provided accomodation, while we waited for Adrian (his housemate) to finish his gym class. After that, we proceed to watch X-Men: Origins in GSC there. Very action-packed, great CGI effects and interesting storyline, but with some obvious loopholes. Not to mention how hot it was to see Hugh Jackman stark naked, but we only got to see his behind (sadly). Yep, lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' in the cinema during that scene.

Later that evening, I had a dinner cum b'day gathering at Bangsar Village in Delicious. I met up with my previous housemate in Uni, Reza whom I've not seen in YEARS. Also there were my abso-freakin'-lutely fabulous gal friends Ash and Vivien, along with a bunch of their friends. The b'day bash was for Ash's housemate, Elhil. Great food among great but really freakin' noisy friends. I'm so glad we sat outside, or we'd really piss off the whole restaurant. We were so loud, you might think we were already drunk. Lots and lots of laughs, jokes and catching up. Gosh, I miss it SOOO MUCH. It made me forgot about the pain that night =)

After the 3 hour dinner gathering, it was time to head back and prep for clubbing! Princeworld was having a string from events from May 1st to May 3rd, starting from Orange to Oblique and finally Maison club. On Saturday, Oblique club was the venue for the event, so that's where we went. To my friends reading this, I know a lot about such events even though I seldom go KL thanks to Facebook, not because I'm a crazy party animal! Seriously, join the club and event groups in Facebook and you'll be updated on the latest upcoming event and get to RSVP as well! You wanna now which to join, go look up the list of groups in my Facebook profile, k?

Anyhow, Oblique was PACKED! Normally, Oblique wouldn't really be my club of choice, as I felt that it was poorly furnished and the crowd was particularly 'lala' or bitchy. But that night, the management obviously made some changes and the place looked great. Also, the Princeworld event being held there was a major attraction, so there was a long queue to get in. Shortly after we entered, there was a HOT striptease dance show. Yes, young guys with hot bodies stripping down to their undies, PLUS they REALLY know how to shake their stuff. There were PLENTY of hot guys around and as the night progressed, hot topless guys littered the dance floor and stage (as usual). I danced practically non-stop after almost 2 hours. DJ Princess Ann was the DJ for the night and music was pretty hot. Was so drenched with sweat after clubbing that night, that my singlet changed color...LOL! If you're thinking I should've gone topless too...I was shy lah!

We ended the night at McDonald's for supper. Yes, fast food at 3am in the morning ain't exactly good but we were hungry and it's nearby. I managed to wake up after 4 hours of sleep with considerable panda eyebags but I don't care! It was a Saturday very fabulously well-spent. Gosh, I MISS YOU GUYS AND I MISS KL! WOOHOO!

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