Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going Commando

Let me tell you a secret. A juicy and dirty little secret. Whenever I'm at the gym, I don't wear undies! Yes, I like to 'go commando' when I'm pumping it out at the gym (Oklah, it's not as dirty or juicy as you think). And I do the same thing when I'm at home, especially in my room. I don't care what people think coz it's when I feel the most comfortable and 'liberated'. Sometimes, I do feel a little vulnerable, as if someone at the gym might realize that I'm not wearing anything else underneath. Bear in mind that I only do this when I'm at my local gym, not when I visit other gyms with friends or during my travels. Perhaps I'm just a little too comfortable in my local gym, but I do know that doing intense cardio while wearing undies isn't pleasant. It's just something that I'd like to do when I'm alone to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Last Saturday, I was at the gym as usual, doing my thing. Then, I decided to do deadlifts (one of my fave exercises, click the link to see the movements). So, as I was bending up and down, I noticed the guy doing bench presses behind me looking at me weirdly and smiling. You see, I was already really wet and sweaty halfway through, after my warm-up cardio and initial weight-training. So I checked behind me if there was anything. Then, to my horror of horrors, I realized that the workout pants that I wore was SEE THROUGH WHEN WET!

OMFG, how could I not have realized this earlier? So, for the past 5 minutes, I was literally mooning (flashing my butt) at the guy behind me. In order to appear ignorant to this fact, I didn't show it in my face and hid my embarassment. I waited for him to move off to another equipment before I continued, making sure no one else was near my vicinity CLOSE enough to see my almost bare ass as I bent down (yes, I'm that hardcore at the gym, workouts must FINISH!).

NOTE TO SELF: Be more aware of type of pants I'm wearing to gym.

PS: No, I'm not about to give up going commando, so don't try to pull down my pants when you see me at the gym! Please?


cookiedonut said...

OMG! So embarrased!!! =x

Anonymous said...

Be careful next time ;p

Cedric Ang said...

Hey cmon why are you feeling embarrassed.

You should flash your butt man!!

Michael said...

Oh, your nauti Mark :p When you're doing a bench press, won't your ray of light shine out?

Zemien said...

*evil giggle*
*evil rubbing of palms*

Mark said...

Cookiedonut: Yes, you bet =P

Kevin TCP: How to be careful if already wearing see through pants?

Cedric Ang: LOL...I don't think people like to see a butt flashing at your face while you're trying to focus at the gym, but thanks for the...ermm, compliment? =P

Micheal: I'm such an angel, how dare you? Btw, what's ray of light? =)

Mien: *note to self: don't go same gym with mien*

David said...

Mark, I really wanna see your cock now. You've made me curious and all bothered about it

Michael said...

I know you know what i mean. Your cock

Cedric Ang said...

oh oh come on .. some people don't mind a little entertainment.

david said...

mark, you've made us all so curious now about your genitals. dont leave us in suspense. show us some cheeky pics, come on.

Mark said...

Micheal & David: Wah lau, it seems this is going to a different direction!

Cedric: Haha, it depends on how you interpret what you see =P