Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fabulous Weekend Out And A Very Surprising Reunion!

Last weekend was absolutely fabulous, spent both Saturday and Sunday almost completely outdoors. It was fabulous, not only because of great times with friends, but because I had a surprisingly unexpected reunion. Saturday's outing started off with a nice dinner at Nandos in Gurney Plaza. We sat right in front of the ground floor main entrance (Nandos there has 2 floors) and as we ate dinner, along came these tall and beautifully-dressed women who strolled directly past us and proceed up the stairs to the upper level. Then, I noticed that each of them wore a rather large ribbon. It seems that they were part of a pageant held earlier on there. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was for Miss Malaysia 2009.

Subsequently, it was movie time. We watched Angels and Demons and I gotta say, it was pretty AWESOME! I've not read the book, so I don't know how much of the plot in the movie resembles the book but it kept my attention glued to the screen nonetheless. The plot was really interesting but needed to be viewed with an open mind, especially if you're a Christian as it reveals and questions quite a few things in the history of Christianity. The facts and revelations that were laid out really caught my attention but if you don't follow it closely, you might miss out on what's going on. I totally loved the excellent cinematograhy throughout the movie. It brilliantly featured the breath-takingly beautiful and artistically intricate murals, sculptures and archtechture of Vatican City. The ambience and architechture really exudes a nice Roman charm.

After the movies, it was Momo time! Lately, I seldom go clubbing unless it's a special occasion or if a big group of friends are going. So this time, it was the latter. As I entered Momo and greeted some of my friends already in there, I was introduced to someone, who looked instantly familiar, but I didn't dare confirm. He introduced himself as Iz, and that almost closed the familiarity gap. Deep inside, I already knew who he was but I didn't say anything. Shortly after, he kept looking at me and talking excitedly to his best friend Nadia.

Then, I walked over, leaned towards him and whispered into his ear,"Are you from Seremban?"

To which he exclaimed excitedly,"YES!". And, we proceeded to exchange hugs coz we finally met for the first time.

I got to know Iz about 5 years ago, which I will still studying in MMU Malacca. We found each other on a popular social networking website called Faceparty back then. For the last 2 years that I was still in MMU, we chatted only through Yahoo Messenger. Back then, we practically lived next door to each other. Me in Malacca and him in Seremban, but we never met for real. After I left MMU and began working 3 years ago, we kinda lost contact as I didn't sign into Yahoo anymore and just used MSN Messenger exclusively. According to him, he WAS studying in Penang for a while during the time I was already back in Penang working, but we never bumped into each other in the island. Now, he's working in KK (Kota Kinabalu) in Sabah (or some of you might know it as Borneo) and he came to Penang last weekend to enjoy himself and hang out with his friends.

It is so suprisingly ironic that we didn't meet at all when we were living almost side by side and were still in contact with each other, but bumped into each other only after I came back to Penang and he moved to KK, which is practically farthest across west to east of Malaysia, and having not contacting each other for almost 3 years! Actually, it was thanks to Iz's friend from Penang who had me on her Facebook, and he thought I looked familiar as well. So, he called her up and she agreed to introduce (more of re-acquaint) us in Momo last Saturday. Talk about A SMALL WORLD! So, I've finally met Iz in real life and he appears to be a little shorter than what I pictured him to be. I also think that he's adorable and has bubbly butt personality. Yes yes, I was attracted to him when I first laid eyes on him. Probably no surprise to my friends who were there that night, coz it kinda showed =P

Iz is actually a 20-year-old modern Malay guy, the type that gets with the times. But alas, I found out that his heart belongs to someone else, and it's been that way for more than a year now. Since he is so in love and I'm not into breaking any relationships, I'll just stay mum on the whole thing. That is unless, he finds out from my little bloggie here. Sigh, why must all the good ones be taken?

Moving on, I spent the whole of Sunday with Iz and friends as well. We had a very late sushi lunch at Sakae in Queensbay and then watched Push in the evening, which kinda paled in comparison with Angels and Demons. Although I can't really compare since both are different genres, but the latter left me with a much better impression. The night ended with a great dinner at Hammer Bay ikan bakar, a popular Malay seafood place just near Queensbay Mall.


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OMG! I love Penang and I am missing it now!!!