Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interesting weekend

Last weekend was an interesting one, although it was quite tiring. It marked a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time...

1. ...taking the first class shuttle bus Aeroline to KL and back. They provide one meal (normal or vegetarian), drinks (water/coffee/tea), a toilet (for small business only), blankets, pillows, DVD movies on a medium flat screen TV and a hospitable steward(ess) who tends to your needs and makes sure that you're comfortable all the way. Aeroline buses in Malaysia are mostly double deckers and the passenger seating is on the upper level, while the lower level consists of the toilet, a sink and a lounge area when you can even plug in and work on you laptop. Plus, the seats had ample leg space and was comfortable enough to sleep in. Overall, I can safely say it's one of the best express bus I've taken, and I'll be taking it regularly when I go KL. For only RM 55, it was a bargain too!

2. ...peeing in a bus. Yes, it gets tricky maintaining your 'aim' when peeing in a moving bus, especially when it rocks.

3. ...attending the first PFLAG event in Malaysia. There was a movie screening for Prayers For Bobby. Predictably, I cried buckets especially towards the ending. Kudos to Sigourney Weaver's award-winning and tear-jerkering performance! The discussion after the movie was interesting as well. Although we were supposed to have conference with PFLAG US, we faced technical difficulties so we had to forego it. Instead, we discussed amongst ourselves on how to establish PFLAG in Malaysia, with the support of existing local LGBT support groups such as the PT foundation and LPG. The next PFLAG event might be held in Penang *fingers crossed*

4. ...stepping in Club 9 and the 6 Lounge (Club 69) where the event was held and met the manager Ramesh as well. Nice place with good ambience and lots of weekly events.

5. ...clubbing in Maison, after the event. Maison is located exactly opposite Club 69. Also good ambience and the music wasn't too bad. We were granted free entrance coz I was with people who knew people. I would've enjoyed it better, if I were not too tired and wearing a headache by then. Saw Craig Fong there too.

It was quite a tiring trip to KL, as I went on Sunday morning and and took the return bus on Monday morning. Sorry, I would've posted pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera -_-"

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