Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summary of May

Honestly, May sucked! I've been having some difficulty expressing myself or writing down my thoughts, emotions and perceptions. I think the late nights at ungodly hours are finally getting to me. I feel as if my brain's functional capacity has slowed down due to increased sleep debt and being too involved in a singular activity, which is gaming. I have to admit, I haven't been out and about as much as I should, and I'm not as involved in my life as I should be right now. Too much gaming can do that to ya. Sleeping at ungodly hours and maintaining almost permanent brain fog. You know it's freakin' late, or should I say early in the morning when the birds start chirping and you can hear people downstairs setting up shops to prepare for morning market crowd!

I skipped gym for a week since I sustained last week's upper back injury and lost a kilo to boot. Time to pump it back up. I've been eating a bit more crap (my 20% foods) than I should too. I guess I haven't been eating enough too, coz I kept eating and eating while I was resting. Sure, I watch my portions and what I eat MOST of the time, but sometimes it feels great to let loose and throw caution into the wind. I don't eat too much, but in reality, I have an appetite that would rival Godzilla's. The fear of an expanding waistline is what keeps my ferocious appetite at bay. Health-wise, not very good too since I sustained 2 injuries and got sick a coupla times, which very rarely happens. Yes, I'm proud to say that I can go for an entire year without getting sick, coz I eat and live right!

Mum had problems with income tax, which needed numerous trips to the office for clarification. Those inefficient goons (c'mon, I know you're thinking it too, when it comes to government organisations) filed the files wrongly (they filed it under my dad's name, who's been unemployed for more than 15 years), after checking her records back to 16 years, because mum triggered them to pay her the amount that income tax owes her. Apparently, the 7 year IRB tax ruling doesn't cover audits, so they can check back AS FAR AS they want if you arouse their suspicion. I know mum is a die-hard believer in paying everything on time, so I'm on her side the whole way. It's a good thing they didn't penalize her for late payment, but instead of them owing her about RM 2K+, now she owes them that amount, apparently unaccounted for from year 1993-1996. It's a friggin' bummer, but we can't really do anything about it. This couldn't really come at a worse time, since my younger sister has just started college and budget is TIGHT!

I haven't been dating anyone too, just random outings with friends. I've kinda stopped looking, just wanna focus on myself and enjoy myself for a while. If someone happens to find me, then I'll see how it goes =)

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