Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting My Life Back Together Again

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates this month. I've not been posting as frequently as I should. Lately, I'm been having brain fog and feeling blur, and I can't think of much to write about. It's been a tiring few weeks and it's entirely my fault too. I've been indulging TOO MUCH in late nights and have been sleeping at ungodly hours, thanks to my addiction/obsession with WOW. The extreme gamer in me MUST be quelled. I need to moderate my gaming time and spend more time in the real world. But, sometimes WOW seems so much better than the real world. Damn, the nerd in me MUST die too.

I feel as if my life is a mess right now. I have a bad habit of slacking off and procrastinating from time to time. I tend to leave things hanging or tasks pile up so high until it threatens to fall on me, crushing me along with some added guilt. Then, I will suddenly go into hardcore industrious mode, clearing everything all at once and feeling incredibly productive afterwards. One of those moments is catching up again. I can feel all the stuff piling up again, be it chores or personal tasks.

I've not been out and about lately too, but I'm about to change that. In a way, WOW is there to keep me distracted from feeling lonely or thinking too much. But, it's a double-edged sword as it occupies too much of my time and I end up spending less time in real life. I don't wanna regress into the past, when I'm a more of a loner and games are what kept me happy. It's not what I wanted in the first place. I mean, gaming great fun but it's no substitute for real life. I need to improve and deal with my real life issues and frustrations, not use a virtual medium as a distraction. I wanna get back into the dating scene, but I don't feel as if I'll meet the right person anytime soon. I've been having feelings for someone, but after being rejected twice, I really need to move on.

On another note, I still have some personal issues to deal with, such as confidence, self-perception and self-image issues, which I need to deal with sooner or later. Hopefully, I'll be able to overcome them some day. I'll talk more about that later. I'll take things one at a time. IMHO, anything too rushed will only make me crash and burn.

I don't like it when I feel as if I don't have much control of my life, so it's time to take charge again. I know I can do it. I just need to stop parking my ass on my PC so often. It amazes me how much productive my life can be without my PC. I had a week once when my PC was in the shop, and I suddenly felt I had sooo much time for myself, LOL! Yes, my PC is such a seductress and that bitch is a double-edged sword too, but I love her! Like how I always preach, everything in moderation and this time, I need to moderate my screen time!

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Isaac Rizard's Turf said...

Well, too much of screen time isn't good as well, lest your face would turn to look like the next-of-kin to the monitor. By the way, would it be nice if you can make your blog more lively since you spend quite some times on-screen? A friend of mine did just that and the result is awesome. For your reference, see this one: http://hatiberbungabunga.blogspot.com.