Thursday, May 14, 2009

Same Old, Same Old...

Admittedly, life is a little boring in Penang right now. Don't get me wrong, Penang is a great place with loads of good food and nice places to visit, but it's more on the homely side, rather than leisure-focused or glamorous. So, there isn't really a lot you can do as compared to KL. It's almost the same thing to do or same places to go to every week, which kinda suck at times. Lately, I've been staying home most of the time, indulging myself in World of Warcraft, YouTube, tv series, animes and surfing. Can't really think of anything much to do except maybe for go movies, drinks, some window shopping or the occasional clubbing when I'm out of the house. As much as I appreciate my alone time, it does get old after a while and I yearn for something more.

I'm not dating anyone right now, don't seem to have any luck with guys from Penang. Don't ask me why, I ask myself the same thing. I haven't been putting myself out there neither, so I'm more or less a hermit. Another thing I seem to notice is that guys that I like and might have a chance with are usually NOT from Penang, but other parts of Malaysia. Not really a fan of any long distance relationships, especially when it just started. Flames will die as fast as they begin IMHO. I'm more careful and selective now,when it comes to choosing who I wanna be with. Yes, I do get proposals at times, but I don't think that I should just jump into it with any Tom, Dick and Harry. Even you're so cute or feel so attractive to me, I won't immediately express an interest. I'd prefer to get to know you more before deciding if it's worth the effort later. I've had enough of bad attitude problems and prefer someone who is good-natured with a good attitude and personality. No matter how gorgeous you are, if you have a shitty attitude, have a personality of a goldfish, behave very immaturely or irresponsibly, you turn me off instantly. Let's put it at that. Aside from that, I look for someone that I can learn from and add something to my life, not just sex which doesn't involve a decision of using my left or right hand. I'd better stop here lest anyone thinks I'm like a dating service providing a list of criteria for potential customers =P

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for any changes that might come my way, especially if it entails a change in career or moving to a different place. Having a safe daily routine in a fixed place is nice and much less nerve-wrecking, but there are times when I just wanna throw caution into the wind and take anything that comes along.

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