Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Dead...


Just in my last post I was bitchin' about how slow our supposedly no.1 broadband connection was. Last Friday, it DIED ON ME! So, I've BEEN WITHOUT INTERNET FOR 4 DAYS AND COUNTING! Even now, I'm blogging and accessing FB from work!~

Ok...deep breaths, deep breaths. I need to calm down to prevent myself from violently imploding in a bout of internetless (is that a real word? I DON'T CARE!) frustration. Yes, LOTS of drama here but I HAVE NO INTERNET! That's like...80% of my life gone!~

It's sad, but true. It's my drug. In fact, I think I've been experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I'm missing out on my daily web-surfing, Youtube and FB action!~

So far, I've made 2 reports to Streamyx, one for the SLOW and DEAD connection respectively in the order that they occured. On the slow connection issue, even after numerous troubleshooting, it's still crappy. They called again a couple of days after, saying their tech 'fixed' something on their side and ask me to re-verify and they'll follow-up, but they didn't. Anyhow, it was stil crappy after the 'fix'.

THEN, the connection DIED on me on Friday. I watched in distress as the DSL light conked out on my Aztech modem, never again coming back, no matter how many PC or modem restarts I did. Or even after connecting directly to the phone line, bypassing the splitter.

And I think as a SUPPOSEDLY no.1 telecommunications company, TM is doing a POOR job in communications within. After I made the report on the DEAD connection, the TS person still called me during the weekend to ASK IF MY SLOW CONNECTION ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED, WHEN THE TECHNICIAN HASN'T EVEN COME TO FIX THE DEAD CONNECTION? Wah lau, talk about inefficient re-dundancies! Yes, come rub salt, then splash honey and release fire ants on my bleeding wounds, why don't you? Talk about adding insult to injury. The insufferable bastard might be giggling like stoned schoolgirl after hanging up that call *sarcasm alert*

TS supposedly remarked in my report to have a technician come to my place on Monday, since it was a replacement holiday for me and I'm not available the rest of the weekday afternoons. So I called on Monday to verify WHEN he would be arriving as I needed to take dad to the hospital to get some meds. The person who attended to me was just BLUR or a plain newbie and reading from a script. She said that the system was down and she can't do anything to help me.

What the hell? You're a telecommunications company and your system is DOWN?!?! On top of that, that person kept saying that she can't do anything about my report OR situation. Every time I asked for assistance or some questions, all I heard was can't, can't, CAN'T! Well, there goes my faith in your services, or what was left of it in the first place.

EVEN if you really can't do anything at the moment, at least tell me that you'd look into it as soon as you can. And NOT tell a paying customer who's beyond frustrated that your paid services are operating POORLY and right now NOT even working, that you CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Seriously, where do these nitwits get their training from?

Did I feel better after writing all this down? In all honestly, it just riled me up more to give them another call and blast a friggin' voice cannon in the ears of the unsuspecting, unfortunate soul whom my call has been routed to. I'll give them another day and see how they would respond to this shit. If I don't get anything, then it's a call to switch broadband services.

Be afraid, be very afraid. A pissed off Pooh is not something you should be messing with!~

PS: What alternative broadband are you using? Can gimme some feedback on the speed, coverage as well as the rates?


William said...

"HUUUAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!~" Is that what you shout during orgasms? Hehe.

Like it or not, Streamyx is the BEST out there.

Mark said...

Ish, asyik ingat itu jer =p


david said...

Wait for the technician. He can do wonders if you can talk him into it.

Little Dove said...

I've tried Celcom broadband. It can have very fast connection in areas with 3G network. But like all other broadbands in the country, it is not 100% stable.

ichimaru akira said...

Oh no,the bear is running amok..

Ultraman Jino said...

aiyerr less comp, more time with dear dear la. i have no internet connection for a month previously, and the time was so slow XD

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Mark said...

David: Yeah lo...hopefully he comes today. I think my modem might be faulty as well.

Lil' Dove: Is Malaysian broadband EVER stable? =P

Ichi: Yer betul, put out buckets of hunny or I will drink your blood.

Jino: Got la got la, already spent long time with zai2 last nite also ><

Marky's little devil said...

Kekekeke...had a fun time yesterday too. At least got more time wif lou gong again d after such a looooooong while...muuuuaksss...