Friday, April 30, 2010

Slow Slow SLOW!

Ish, it's been about 2 weeks now that my freakin' so-called broadband connection is playing 'Lag or No Lag' with me. Internet connection performance has been gradually degrading, now to a point that even connecting to MSN is a near impossible. If I were to play WOW, I'd get severe lag spikes, soaring latency and frequent disconnections, almost enough to give me a stress-induced coma. For the past week, I've been de-motivated to even play WOW.

Browsing the net has slowed to a crawl. Waiting for browsers to complete loading is a pain. I've just called Streamyx 2 days ago to report this problem. I thought initially that this was due to some faulty line near the Middle East, according to the announcement before I got connected to their TS. However, after checking my address, the person attending to me said that my area was completely fine. In fact, speed test on the net shows that I'm getting a download speed of 1.5-1.7 Mbps, more than the speed in my package. For some reason, the upload test couldn't commence though -_-".

Anyhow, after a series of checks and changes in my internet settings over instructions on the phone, things haven't improved. The report was filed and yesterday, they called and said the tech has 'fixed' something on their side. When I got home, still the same shit going on.

I've re-started the modem and PC many times and tried reconnecting countless times, to no avail. If nothing was wrong on their end, it would either be a problem with the physical line, modem or the network port on my 8-year-old PC. It might even be my PC's declining performace (she's about to die I think). Yes, she's also joining into the fray of the lagging business lately. It doesn't matter since I'm planning to finally get a new one by next week hopefully.

I'm just gonna keep complaining until they send a tech over to take a look. Crippling the net is like taking air out of my lungs T.T

Seriously, it gets me so frustrated I feel like kicking a puppy.

Kidding XD I?



Zemien said...

Get someone else's laptop/router to connect at your home. Help to rule out yr PC or router problem.

savante said...

Pretty much a net-addict myself. Don't know what I would do without facebook at the most :)

cookiedonut said...

dun kick the puppy... its innocent!!!

kick TM instead =x

William said...

Read in the papers that some underground cable is out again. The problem will persist till the 2nd of May.

ichimaru akira said...

The net is my 2nd wife... I know how it feels to have a slow line but I guess that I'm way more evil...why kick the puppy when u can torture it slowly... Muahahahhahahaha

Ultraman Jino said...

after i format my baby no. 4, the page loading is much smoother. not sure if they are related but haha i dumped streamyx long ago and now suffer with digi >.<

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