Monday, May 17, 2010

First Fight

Wah, this is the longest I've gone without updating. Been quite occupied until I forgot ><

Zai2 and I had our first 'fight' last week. Two Sundays ago, zai2 decided to pay me a surprise THE MORNING. I actually had everything planned out on that day (Mother's day) and it was gonna be a whole day event. Zai2 decided to drop by an hour earlier than the time I was supposed to wake up, with hopes of me waking up promptly to have breakfast and spend a little time with him. But, my tiredness got the better of me and I ended up continuing my sleep after I let him in.

As a result, he waited for an hour and left after that. I sensed that something was amiss coz he wasn't himself when he was leaving and he ended up ignoring me the rest of the day. My suspicions were confirmed when we ended with a spat over MSN that night. He was really mad that he came all the way and felt ignored after that. It was a nice gesture to surprise me, but it was just the wrong timing. I always need to catch up on sleep, ESPECIALLY on weekend mornings. Showing up too early was just a no-no for me. Heck, I usually NEVER plan anything before noon on weekends, except going to church. We managed to discuss things out and he mentioned his concerns about our available time together. He feels that I'm so near and yet so far. It's true that between work, gym and part-time project, my time is pretty much limited each week. Sometimes I'm just too tired and need some available time to rest, it's not that I don't want to see him.

But, it's all good. We managed to talk our way through it and he was himself again the next day. I promised to allocate more time especially on weekends for some 'us' time. Oh yeah, it's already two and a half months since we've gotten together. Usually, the trial period (at least for me) for a new relationship goes about 3-6 months, depending on how well we go together. I still have some doubts that I wanna talk over with him though.

Wish us luck.


Chris said...

Need not luck la. Zai2 loves you much.
p/s: Zai2 still makes me think of F4.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the first fight! Hehehe... well, every couple regardless of homosexual or heterosexual couples sure will argue over something because it's impossible for two individuals, two brains, two different personality and character to think and do the same thing all the time. Sure got adjustments to do. Wish you all the best and a happy dating period to two of you.

William said...

That's sweet of him lo. But the execution was a bit flawed, that's all. :P

ichimaru akira said...

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