Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Creature Of The Night

I've been a nocturnal creature most of my life. I'm usually most active at night and like to stay up late. As much as I try to sleep early, I'd feel as if I'd be wasting the night. I guess this habit spawned when I turned a teenager. Staying up late on the PC playing games and watching porn or watching TV. In college, it evolved even more due to late night CS matches at cybercafes, last minute cramming for exams which usually ends up with supper afterwards and/or just generally friends calling randomly close to midnight for yumcha (GOD, I miss those days so much T.T).

Even today, I struggle with that habit. At some periods, it can get really bad. I guess I do it most during weekends, sometimes hitting the sack at around 4-5 AM or even later (or is it earlier?). Occasionally, I'd be able to hear people preparing their stalls downstairs to get ready for the morning market ><. As a result, I usually miss half the day, with mornings usually out of the question for any weekend plans. Of course, weekends are also the time I try to alleviate my sleep debt but sometimes it's just an excuse coz I was stay awake at ungodly hours.

Lately, this habit has seeped into weekdays. Not as bad as the weekends but on some work days, I'd only get 5-6 hours of sleep, which is a no-no. Coupled with added stress from work, exercise and a busier lifestyle, this is an even bigger NO-NO. Being tired and sleepy all the time isn't healthy or normal. It disrupts my schedule, gives me undesirable mood swings, adversely affect my physical well-being, kills my daily motivation, makes my thoughts go in disarray and clouds my judgement. Occasionally when I have time for myself at home, I'm usually so beat that I want to do nothing else but laze around.

Sometimes, life feels like a huge mess and I have to constantly re-adjust my course to avoid accidentally plunging into a ravine or driving into a herd of stampeding cows, figuratively speaking. It's ironically amusing how something as simple as lack of sleep can take hold of the wheel and drive like a drunk driver on drugs. My biological clock is overdue for some fine tuning, and the mechanic would be my bed.

I need a wake diet T.T


William said...

You need someone to help you:
"Dear, come to bed now..."

Chris said...

Agree with William. The mechanic will be your little devil.

Ultraman Jino said...

have to sleep late during exams. now have to regulate my clock too. but how?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

ichimaru akira said...

God,is this how my future will look like?

Mark said...

William: Haha, cannot la he doesn't stay with me =P

Chris: But mechanic's sleeping hours are more erratic than mine ><

Jino: By going to sleep early, preferably at a set time everyday until your body adjusts.

Ichi: LOL, maybe!