Thursday, May 6, 2010


FINALLY, some progress on my broadband that I've been bitching about. The technician came this morning. Checked and troubleshooted everything, according to dad since I was at work, and concluded that the modem has gone KAPUT. FINE! At least I know what the hell was going on. I kinda suspected it already, but wanted confirmation to avoid wasting money on the account of possible bad judgement. Gonna get a new one after work today and pray that I will once again be a denizen of cyberspace. I miss killing people virtually as well =P

On another note, zai2 has been kinda sad lately coz I couldn't spend as much time with him as when we first started. Between dad having health problems, me taking charge of more responsibility and tasks for the family, and running a part-time project, my time is pretty much scarce, except for the weekends. Constant schedule clashes between us made it even more difficult. So, both of us pretty much have to plan each week carefully to find time for each other.

I heard about zai2 not being happy about the lack of 'us' time from a close friend. It didn't come as a surprise at all. I didn't want zai2 to be sad or feel left out. So, I picked up zai2 on Tuesday after work and spent the whole evening with him. Just some much needed private time for the both of us. I could see as he gradually lit up and became his usual self again. I'm glad that the Pooh charms were still working.

I told him that he needs to tell me anything that was bothering him, moreso if it's about us. I don't want to be left in the dark if there was something wrong. Although this time it was obvious, I still wanted to hear it from him, not someone else.

He said me that when I'm around, he can't talk or think that much. Coz I'm the only thing that he can focus on at the time =P


William said...

I think I'm quite like your zai2. When the BF is away, my mind spins and spins. When we are face to face, I find it hard to tell him things. Haha.

My condolences to your modem.

plainjoe said... is in the air!

Is the part time project the same thing that you have spoken to me about?

Mark said...

William: Ah, must be the so-called love holding your tongue and heartstrings XD

PJ: Yes dear, it is =p

William said...

As long its not purse strings. :P