Friday, December 18, 2009

Right Place At The Right Time

It's Friday, TGIF! Some pics to brighten up your day, title says it all =)

Something you almost never see...cats enjoying a bath XD

Don't you wish you can fit as many balls in your mouth? (Not ME!)

So flexible that it's freaky. But, imagine how many dates I would get if I were that flexible =P

Baby sandwich anyone? But seriously, that baby is either gonna grow up claustrophobic or traumatised by fat people and/or body odor!

Subway saint =)

Get your paws off my human, bitch!

This guy is REALLY trying to save his apartment.

Now that's organized, same air time.

Seriously, what's he trying to prove? Shitting won't smell bad if your poop falls far away from you?

LOL, you call that hard? =P

Oh, the irony. this for real?

A sense of pride if you succeeded the challenge, and get your nuts bitten off if you fail.

LOL, poor granny. Got scared riding a sledge and got her funny expression posted on the internet XD

Landing won't be pleasant...

Girl: "Save me!".
Cat: "KNNCCB, save me first!"

This is epic, nice shot!

Looks like someone's either trying to be funny or get fired =P

Manufacturer must be handled mostly by men.

I'll take the hubby, TYVM! =P

Someone didn't know his own strength, or just trying to get her shirt off.

This is just...ROFL! I don't know which is funnier, the guy licking the armpit or the other guy's face XD

And my favorite of all...



Anonymous said...

Gosh! It's hilarious!

Mark said...

Haha, dunno I laughed how many times looking at the pics again, AND reading the captions I wrote XD