Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ouch, My Back!

Yesterday afternoon, I injured my back again. This time, it's my lower back. It was the first time at that region and it definitely felt the worst so far. It was upsetting coz I very RARELY get injured. I was just doing my usual deadlifts and going into the 3rd set. I added another 5lbs and got into my 4th or 5th rep when suddenly, I felt a sudden strong pull from my lower back. Alarmed, I dropped the barbell and almost immediately the pain hit me. It wasn't a sharp pain, but rather a pulling, stiff pain.

It was stiff and painful enough that sitting, standing or any movement at all made me cringe in pain. Immediately, I packed my stuff and left the gym cursing. I REALLY hate getting sick or injured, and was dead worried how long it would take to recover. After much struggling, I managed to get into the car, drive home, pull myself out of the car, took a quick shower and went to see a doctor immediately. He gave me 3 days worth of painkillers and muscle relaxants, as well as an MC for today. I contemplated getting a massage and was thinking of asking for a good masseuse from Shawn, who had suffered a similar case before.

Luckily for me, a friend of mine, Justin said that he could help me out that evening. He used to work in a massage center and knew what he was doing. I know the real pain of such an injury would usually come with a vengeance the next day, so I immediately agreed. I'd hate to have this drag out for a week, so I was up for anything (credible of course) to help me recover ASAP. The massage session was kinda painful, but it was really worth it. I felt much needed relief as the pain subsided a little and my back felt less tense and tight.

I woke up this morning feeling better, although it's still a bit stiff. I guess I was lucky this time. It could have been worse, like a slipped disc, which would be friggin' excruciating. I really have Justin to thank, he really knew what he was doing.

To be honest, when I felt that injury, all I could think of was when I could start working out again. However, I won't be lifting until my back fully recovers. And when it's recovered, I'll be doing mostly upper body work and need to rehabilitate my back with light lower body work. I'll still be doing my cardio while gauging how my lower back feels. I hate to be idle. Didja think I was gonna quit and get scared? I'd rather face it head-on, and just be more careful in the future. Perhaps my form was a little incorrect during lifting, or I didn't concentrate at what I was doing, or I might've over-estimated my strength a little.

Bottom line is, I won't quit! I just need to be more careful.


Justine said...

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Zemien said...

My rehab consisted of... hamstring stretches! Men usually have very tight hamstrings, and it can be a cause of lower back pain as it shortens or tightens.

So now I make sure to stretch and warm up my hamstrings before and after bed.

We're getting old liao lah.... ;)

simonlover said...

Get well soon k! Muacks fr Simon!

Mark said...

Justine: Yeah, but this time it was only a muscle pull. So I should consider myself lucky.

Mien: I strongly suspect incorrect form and lack of proper warm-up on my lower body that day. I love deadlifts, it really strengthens your back and hams.

simonlover: Feeling much better and back at work. Thanks, muacks =)

Bengbeng said...

no kidding here. u got to take this injury seriously. dont overdo it until u r fully recovered. serious.

the next setback could take u months to recover. listen to wat yr body is telling u.

cardio n stuff is ok for the time being. use much lighter weights initially when u have recovered.jus for the movement n maintaining yr muscles not vuild up again initially

jus being kaypo here n from the painful experience of the pasts

Mark said...

BengBeng: Yeah, my thoughts exactly and I'm not taking it lightly. In fact, I never take any injury lightly. I'll take my time to recover and refrain from training heavy. If I do go back to weights, I'll do it moderately until I feel confident that it's ok. I can't stand being idle for too long, so definitely will still do my cardio =P