Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm feeling a little 'dry' lately, if you know what I mean. Ever since YZ, I haven't been going out with anyone. I've become more of a hermit. Yes, I do Facebook VERY actively and maintain a couple of profiles in some PLU websites, but I haven't met anyone new. Nor is there anyone who've piqued my interest. Sometimes, all this dating stuff can feel tiring. Ceh, feels like I'm getting old...T.T

I haven't been clubbing for almost 3 months, save going to a bistro last nite. My regular friends have kinda gone AWOL, haven't seem 'em for about 2 months, hence my hermit mode commenced. Been going out once in a while for movie or dinner with some other friends, but that's just about it. Ish...I need more action.

I find it rather frustrating how some people hook up so easily. They find someone with a snap of a finger, go dating and end up together 0.0

Whereas, I find that I'm fighting a losing battle sometimes =). If I go down, I'm going down hard...I mean going down fighting XD

What do they have that I don't? Oklah, granted they are better-looking or cuter or more handsome...I'd better stop here before self-esteem takes a dive =P. Anyhow, probably most people go find them anyways. They can just sit there and look good, and guys flock towards them, ain't that the truth? =)

So, what do regular people do to get action, or a lover? We chat and make online profiles hoping someone might take a fancy. Sounds familiar? Although, I kinda have the hunky-ness factor going on for me (or so people say), I don't really catch attention.

What to do? *go check Facebook*

PS: Wanna meet up? I'll let you feel my biceps XD


david said...

Hey Mark,

Good to see you still actively blogging. You rant well, haha, interesting always to see your thoughts, I often can relate to what you say. Keep it up and I'll see you in penang soon. Be home in malaysia 31 Dec, but alone without mike


Anonymous said...

Can feel your biceps only ah? What about other hidden part? Hehehe...

Bravebear said...

hmmm... a relationship based on looks wont last. The person that is able to feel and connect with ur inner being is the one that will be able to last with you. Looks can only help start a relationship. Lasting ones require effort and commitment =)

Take care =)

Mark said...

David: Great, cya soon ya =)

Calvin: I already KNOW you're gonna ask something like that XD

Bravebear: Yes, that's true but not what I really mean. Good looks can get you someone and get the ball rolling. The rest as they say, is history. It will depend on how both interact =)

simonlover said...

I'm sure u'll find ur Mr.Right one day. Bt @ d moment, i think u should start mixing back with ur frens to keep ur passion, life, mind & soul alive instead of being a hermit ( Haha..I'm actually also hermit kinda guy too ). I know, sometimes laziness is stronger than our will. But then, going out wit ur close frens do somehow will make u happer & mor cheerful. Take care & muacks fr Simon!

Mark said...

simonlover: Yeah I KNOW! I do miss my friends. But, sometimes the laziness prevails XD

(getting old d T.T)

Zemien said...

What?! You had to start offering up your biceps? I'll wait until you auction up your pectorals, then we'll meet XD

If you think abt it another way, good-looking ppl are sad too. They can get guys with a snap of their perfectly manicured fingers, but they'll always have the insecurity, "Does he love me or does he love my looks?"

And so they may get heartbroken more often. Even the cuties and the hunkies want to be loved from within.

And that's your Xmas message from me to you :)

Mark said...

Yalor, this hunkie wants to be loved from within too T.T


Brandon said...

Can I? ;)

Isaac Rizard said...

Zemien: How would you know that good-looking people would think along that line? Would they even bother at all? Only people are insecure with whatever they have would question that.

Mark: Ello, don't get too comfy if you received accolades like what you have received. Hunky or not, the mirror won't lie(although sometimes the mirror does lie). I really don't know how to help you deal with this matter. All I can say is that, never expect anything at all (that's how Hisham put it) and prepare to live a singular life FOREVER (that's from me).

Stop whining and get ur ass moving. Btw, from my perspective, you're still BIG and not that lean (doesn't mean I am good ya, just being honest). Perhaps you can ask your friends ard the type of man they prefer and u'll see the difference. Let's me start the ballrolling; I like slim fit guys and I like Chinese only. It's even worse for me since berapa kerat Chinese that like Malays? I have stopped whining and I keep trying hard to improve myself (I'm still trying).

So Mark,GAMBATE and don't give up the fight.

Mark said...

Brandon: Come lor XD

Isaac: I'm not being too comfy or anything like that. I'm just accepting compliments as I receive them, that's all. Actually, I'm liking more of what I see in the mirror coz I AM getting results from my training and healthy diet so to speak.

As for expectations, I have learned to keep my mind AND options open for anything that comes my way. Although it is possible to end up living alone, isn't that true for everyone as well? I refuse to succumb to a defeatist idea that we WILL end up alone. To me, there is a difference. I will prepare for it, but it's more of a pre-caution, rather than something inevitable. If I begin to think that I'll end up all lonely, I'm closing off my options or limiting myself. Therefore, I prefer to be a free spirit, accepting what comes my way and if I do end up alone, it's not really the end of the world, right? Life still goes on.

Also, I wasn't whining in this post. I'm merely ranting a little to get things off my chest and expressing myself, which is the one of the reasons I started blogging. If you feel that I'm big and not that lean, it's alright coz it's just a matter of opinion. Actually, I've gotten considerably leaner (my clothes and compliments don't lie =P), while gaining a little more size =)

As you said, what people prefer is purely subjective, so how would you know if I'm not someone's type? Actually, I do have quite a few admirers, but I'm just being modest by not mentioning anything =)

Anyways my good friend, as always when we can't come to an agreement, let's just agree to disagree ya =)

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