Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being 'Manja'

While we were dating, YZ complained that I was too 'manja' towards him. It wasn't anything new to me, coz I DO tend to do that to my BF or someone I really like. What was new to me was that he was complaining about it =P

None of my exes, or people I've dated had a problem with it. But, YZ felt that I wasn't treating him on the same level. That I wasn't treating him like an adult or matured person. I didn't really see it that way coz I felt that I was just being more affectionate and caring. In reality, I really appreciated his level of maturity. It was a real breath of fresh air for me. AND, we had already developed a more intimate/sexual relationship, hence all the 'manja'ness.

If you are my BF or even potential BF, I would let my affections pour out and begin to pamper you. I would be more attentive towards you. I would always observe you and learn as much as I can about the person that you are. And yes, I love to manja manja every now and then, coz I really can't help it =P

I guess all those things come naturally for me, or perhaps it's what I perceive I should do when I enter into an intimate relationship, and I think a lot of people do it too. However, I DID have to tone it down a little. It was giving YZ a hard time so I had to respect that.

What about you? Do you like to manja manja with your BF or GF? =P


Isaac Rizard said...

Perhaps, it's weird to have a 29-year-old man manja-ing with a 20-year-old boy. Perhaps, ideally it should be the other way around. I could not imagine myself being manja with someone younger as I prefer to have people manja with me instead off I manja with them. Sometimes, the way you manja makes you look like a bottom... :p Are you...?

Mark said...

Not THAT manja lah...just being a little mushy2 only mah

savante said...

Guess not everyone's into being mushy mushy :) I'm certainly not!

Mark said...

Actually, I would usually according to the personality of the one I'm with. I generally don't really do it unless the other party doesn't mind it.

Horny BF said...

Tell ME about it. I ran into an argument with Simonlover for being too manja as well. Too dependent even. Shucks.
Maybe I should pour my affection towards some other lucky soul.

Mark said...

Hehe, what if he reads this? =P