Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Celebrated Christmas eve at Gurney Plaza again this year. Simple dinner with friends at Svenson's (forgot to take pics -_-") and later, adjourned to Dome to join the masses for Xmas eve concert and countdown. It was crowded and hot as hell.

Beautiful Xmas tree right at the entrance of Gurney Plaza =)

Santa forgot my prezzies, even though I've been such an angel this year T.T


Brandon said...

Who's that cutie beside 'Hang75"? Ur ex crush? hehe

Mark said...

Haha, nope but it was someone I once...kissed =P

Brandon said...

Haha. Good for you. Can target him. :D

p/s: Sure just kissed ar?

Mark said...

LOL, not really targetting him lah. It was a drunken thing, on his part =P

Yeah lah, just kissed lor. What else is there? *innocent*