Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where Are You?

Where are you? Why haven't you come? Why haven't you appeared at my doorsteps? What's taking you so long? Did you have trouble finding me? I tried to look for you but in vain. They say that there is always someone for everyone. I'm beginning to think that they're liars.

I can't see you. I can't hear you, nor feel you. The road is dark, there is no light. It is cold and lonely. Sometimes it feels so bitter and empty. At times it feels so hard, so overwhelmingly tough. At times I feel like I'm adrift in the vast ocean, under the silhouette of the moonlight. Alone without a compass, without a breeze to carry me anywhere.

I need you. You have no idea how much I need you. Sometimes it feels like I can't carry on. Sometimes it feels like my heart is caving in. Sometimes it hurts so much. I yearn to feel your warmth against me. I yearn to listen to your beating heart. I yearn to feel the gentle caress of your breath. I yearn to hold you in my arms so tightly, at the risk of suffocating you.

Don't you see how much I need to love you? Can't you feel how much love I have to give? I don't wanna go on alone. Please come into my life. Everyone is telling me to wait. As patiently as I'm trying, at times I'm silently falling apart. Only hope is gluing me back together, to wake up one day and find you beside me. But that hope is starting to dwindle.

Everywhere I go, almost everyone I know, already has that special someone. When will it be our turn? Leave your footsteps in the sand, leave your lingering scent in the air, mark the trails of your life, to help me find you. When will our paths cross? When will our vines entwine? Will we ever find each other? Only time will tell, but here I am to announce. That I'm ready and waiting.

Where are you?

PS: Just feeling emo tonight...


Zemien said...

Wow, an emo post, but poetic.

Well, while you're wondering where to find a guy, are you sure there's no one who fancies you? Give others a chance and they might surprise you.

Off-topic: Why is my lasagna taking so long? :P

W said...

He's just somewhere. Going as fast as he can to reach you.

Just B3cks said...

The another-half could be nearer. Its a matter of time and have faith on it :)

Isaac Rizard said...

Dearest Mark,

No amount of comforting words could soothe your heart. Perhaps, the best way to do it is to accept the fact that the one you are waiting may never come. So you may stop searching and start to concentrate on improving other aspects of your life.

I'm thankful that I'm a single right now because I can concentrate on myself. There's no one to think about and I can do anything I want. I'm not worried about my other half because when he comes, he comes. There's no need to bang your head over this matter.

Release yourself from this burden and be free.

Yours + Isaac Rizard