Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Awesome Movies in Nov!

Lately, I'm either caught up in work or just plain tired or lazy to step foot out of the house. I haven't been clubbing for more than 2 months. I haven't met anyone new for quite some time. Only activity the past week was lunch with some friends and 2 movies, both of which are Thai.

Last Friday, a couple of friends and I watched the new Thai martial arts movie, starring Jija Yanin, whom you might remember from her as an autistic girl turned kick ass martial artist in Chocolate, which was pretty fucking awesome!

Her latest movie now is Raging Phoenix:

What's not enjoyable? The choreography was mind-blowing and there's plenty of action. However, the story was kinda corny with dungeons and rooms that were setup in a rather mystical or medieval sense, plus long bridges under the city traversing a seemingly bottomless pit (where a really good fight took place). Acting was just alright, although I felt there was a small bit of over-acting. Having said that, this movie would still kinda blow your socks away. Action was practically NON-STOP towards the 2nd half of the movie, where chair-gripping violence coupled amazing choreography was abundant. I only have 2 quibbles with the fights; some of the characters felt like they were indestructible and could take TOO MUCH violent pummeling than humanly possible before either collapsing or dying AND Jija seems a little too petite in size to be dealing enough damage to fall her opponents obviously much bigger and stronger than her physically.

Sunday was lunch at Sakae with Isaac and ES followed by a belated movie treat by ES for the both of us. Oh, we watched Phobia 2, which was quite scary.

Seriously, you shouldn't eat a full meal before watching a movie that makes your heart jump repeatedly. My lunch almost jumped out along with it. Having said that, it was a GOOD watch. It's just basically 5 scary story stories all rolled into a single movie. Good thing about that concept is that each story won't drag on for ages before it hits a climax. Plenty of good, creepy scares and some gore too. Although, the last one (which I think is the best) should be regarded more as mix of horror and humor, but focuses more on the latter. I should also mention that in each story, there IS a cute guy to focus. So cute I just wanna...ok, let's move on =P

Two more movies in my MUST WATCH list this month are Ninja Assassin and 2012.

Seriously, I've been craving for these two movies ever since I saw the trailers, like a dog anxiously waiting for its master to throw the damn ball! 2012 looks really promising and it's directed by the same director for Independence Day, which is one of my ALL TIME fave mass destruction movies XD

I can't wait for Ninja Assassin coz there's Rain (Bi) starring in it *screams like a schoolgirl* and the choreography in the movie should be awesome too. Check out Rain's practice and training!

Ah, Rain...sigh =P

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