Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yes, Chikus is the term my good friends used to describe the type of guys I 'supposedly' like or am drawn to, which is the CYTs (Cute Young Things). I don't necessary wanna adhere to that coz I wanna keep my options open mah. Let's see from the trend this year... first started with Bobo (19) late last year, then there was L (21), Terry (21), ES (20) and YZ (20). Oh shit, it COULD a bit true. But, if life hands me those, then I gotta try to accept right? =P

In my defense, my 1st ex was 3 years older than me, k? And now that I'm 29 d, it's harder to find guys older than me, k? So must find younger than me lo. I've been hoping to find someone around my age, but life wants me to have the CYTs, not my fault mah =P

Sooo, if you hear me dating someone below 23 25, don't judge me XD

Sooo, I shall further indulge search. I might start playing the field a bit, feeling a tad lonely nowadays. Maybe coz end of the year approaching? Or my T hormones are acting up again?


Bravebear said...

I have a nice laugh reading this post. CYTs... Never heard of that being used by other bloggers :p

Zemien said...

New saying: If life hands you chikus, devour them.

But be careful, aren't chikus heaty? :P

Mark said...

BB: Haha, yeah lor. I've heard it being used somewhere d actually =P

Mien: Yeah lor, chikus are kinda hot, have to be careful as you consume XD

Bengbeng said...

next time i am in penang i bring u some cikus from Sibu :) sweet although not so big :)