Monday, November 2, 2009

Early Birthday Weekend

Last Friday, Isaac.R and JL came down from KL just to celebrate Isaac.Y's belated birthday and my early one. I thought it was really sweet of them and I really appreciated it. Thanks for coming guys! =)

Saturday started off by Isaac.R and I taking JL to several places he had never been to the first time he came to Penang last month. Isaac.R actually took JL to Kek Lok Si in the morning, but I met up with them at Tesco at noon and together we proceeded to the Snake Temple at Bayan Lepas.

Isaac.R pointed out that the guy in grey walking beside him was kinda cute. He's Malay but looked kinda mixed and yeah, he's cute =X

Oh my, there he is again. 'Accidentally' took another photo of him, but he's quite cute leh. Should've taken a close-up one =P

Once inside, JL was kinda squeamish about the snakes and wouldn't try to touch 'em, which was kinda funny since he was the one who suggested to visit that place.

After that, we proceeded to a beach called Sungai Batu (I think) that is ONLY accessible through some remote kampung area with REALLY narrow and bumpy roads. It was so bumpy, luckily none of us ate yet. If not, we'd be redecorating the inside of his car, if you know what I mean. If someone in the car was pregnant,
heshe would've had a pre-mature delivery, or terus 'gugur' leh. And we got slightly lost along the way (it's not like that kampung place had signs). Eventually, we found the place, which turned out quite nice.

Wonder what caught their attention...?

Isaac.R and JL (standing)

JL and I =)

After that, we proceeded for a looo00oo000ooo000oong ride to Balik Pulau. Kinda reminded me why I never go to Balik Pulau. Plenty of narrow, winding roads along the long journey. On top of that, the car was almost empty on fuel the whole way, adding to the suspense lah. So, JL got bored, took my camera and started taking random pics and camwhoring.

Isn't JL cute? =P

Why to Balik Pulau? For the laksa of course (durian season is over, cannot get good ones d T.T)! Why else would someone travel miles and miles if it were not for makan, especially Penang makan? =P

Asam laksa...JL and Isaac.R had this.

Laksa Siam or Lemak. I was the only one having it but after they both tasted, they ordered it also. It was quite good XD

You can only get this in Balik Pulau now I think. They don't sell this anywhere else on the island. If got, please lemme know k?

After that, we headed back to Tesco coz we needed to do some additional shopping for the BBQ that night. Fast forward, the BBQ on Saturday was just a medium one with less than 15 people. Nevertheless, it was good times with good friends =)

These were taken quite early when not many people had arrived yet and it had just started. Too busy eating and talking to snap the rest later =P

Oh, and remember I said that Brendan was baking me a cake? It's a marble cheesecake with luscious dark chocolate coating and thinly sliced kiwi fruit. It was absolutely DELISH!

Introducing Brendan, my fave foodie and baker XD

ACTUALLY, we had 2 cakes that night and the cake above was the second one. The first was a creamy crepe cake that Isaac.Y had ordered and it was really good too. We demolished it before I remembered to snap a pic =P


I got a lucky cat, an aromatherapy set for my room, a MP3 wireless FM modulator for my car (how practical), a cute angel pair and A FRIGGIN' ELECTRIC OVEN (which also came with a Winnie the Pooh envelope and card that you see on top XD). Apparently, someone IS listening to me when I yap about not having an oven and wanting to learn how to bake XD

So, my friends pooled some cash and got it for me. I think it's really sweet. Good lord, I was so excited, I think...I THINK I jumped up and down like a kid *embarrassed* OK, MOVE ON!

Ah...lastly, Isaac.R got me this locket which means prosperity while we were at Balik Pulau from this uncle, who is apparently a living heritage and has made a living his entire life out of carving and molding silverware and accessories.

Guys, thanks SO MUCH for everything. Thanks for spending the time, making the effort and the meaningful gifts. Love y'all loads ^^


Anonymous said...

That cake sure looks deliciously inviting. I love kiwis. Gosh! I want one too. Hehehe...

The Pooh card? Hahaha!!! It's so you! Hahaha!!!

Mark said...

Yeah, the cheesecake was good. So was the first crepe cake =P~~~

Yeah, living up to my theme apparently. Sweet messages inside =)

Bravebear said...

OMFG! I totally agree!!! JL is super-duper-cute lehs! WOAH!!! that face, that smile, those eyes... *faints*

Mark said...

Haha, breathe...c'mon breathe!


C'est la vie said...

Can intro JL and Brendan to me ah? LOL, JL is cute and Brendan is great! He can bake and he has muscular arms! LOL.

Bengbeng said...

the laksa is super duper tempting.. the gravy..ooh i can almost smell it

Anonymous said...

Ah..thanks for the compliments,guys. By the way, actually I'm the one made the ordering for the first cake. It's my present for both of you..