Monday, November 23, 2009

Tired, Tired

Ugh, I need a life. Lately I feel as if I'm so lazy to do anything sometimes, even go out. I've been analyzing what's been going on and it's my erratic late nights that are really screwing me up. I've been so tired sometimes, that even the thought of doing something feels tiring. My colleague have commented that my eye bags are getting darker and bigger. Zits are multiplying again. I feel de-motivated and emo more often.

First of all, I seriously need to spend time some time OFF my PC. I wasn't this obsessed since I started WOW'ing. The gamer in me is kinda messing up my life. Gotta get more shut eye coz lack of sleep is messing up everything, from my thoughts to my emotions and my life. I'm spending less time doing things I oughta do and more time gluing my eyes to the screen killing monsters, people and completing quests. Gotta remind myself there's a life out there too, and the brain needs to shut down more often. I'll always have a love for gaming, reminds me of the good ol' days. Bad thing is, I go VERY overboard, putting everything aside to satisfy the gamer's lust. Like everything else I preach, I need to do it in moderation. More importantly, allow myself to rest more.

Secondly, I'm working out a little too hard lately. My body feels like breaking down sometimes. Instead of feeling better, I feel like crap sometimes, which is bad coz it might be indicative of onset over-training, however mild it might be. Need to rest more and de-load on my weight-training. Striving to make better progress is one thing, but breaking down your body too often while it can't recover won't get me nowhere neither. I need to remind myself that more is NOT always better and start listening to my body more often. I used to be alright, but I think I've crossed the fine line between dedicated and obsession, which is unhealthy. I need to remind myself that too much can cause me to move 2 step backwards, instead of 1 step forward.

This is all really self-inflicted stress, as if what I get from work and daily life isn't enough already. I'm getting really fed-up and frustrated of being perpetually tired, from lack of sleep and added stress from working out too much, which are both physically and psychologically unhealthy for someone as young as I am. Sleeping late has always been a weakness of mine. I've always adored the night and not a morning person, but that has to change. I need to go on a 'wake' diet and tone down my workouts. Hopefully I'll be able to bounce back in a week or 2...

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