Monday, July 20, 2009

Only One Life, Live It!

Ever get the feeling sometimes that life is whooshing past, leaving you to eat dust? The days seem shorter, and every day/week/month feels kinda repetitive and routine-bound. Too much for comfort actually. One of my greatest fears is reaching the end of my life and thinking back of all the things I should, could and would've done, but I let the opportunities slip by in the past. Life is indeed too short, it's a one-way road and you can only have one. I've always come to believe that we should LIVE it and live it well.

DO ALL THE THINGS YOU LOVE and don't give a flying fuck to anyone who disapproves.

ALWAYS PURSUE YOUR DREAMS, don't just daydream it for the rest of your life. Give the 'finger' to anyone who thinks that your dreams are bullshit, a joke or unachievable. You should actually cut out all these people from your life. They are nothing but negative influences and are probably just a spiteful bunch because they themselves failed to or never even tried to pursue their own dreams. They are like weights attached to you while you are trying to swim to the surface, just pulling you down. Get rid of them from your lives, you'll be much better off. Even if you tried and failed, at least you tried and didn't abandon your dreams.

BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE, not what others want you to be. I think it says nothing more than being yourself.

ENJOY YOURSELF TO THE MAX. Not to paint myself as an entirely hedonistic creature, BUT you only have one life, why waste it by making it boring and miserable?

LIVE IN THE PRESENT AND SAVOR THE MOMENT. Reflect on the past but don't let it hold you back. Anticipate and mold your future. I believe that your life is always in your own hands.

TAKE CHANCES as opportunities sometimes rarely comes by. When it does, it can be pretty scary and nerve-wrecking sometimes, but do you really want to think back 30 years from now and wondered how your life would've changed if you did? I think THAT would be scarier for me, because there is nothing you can do about it 30 years from now. Even if you'd made a mistake or bad decision, you can always learn from it and move on.

All in all, I've always wanted to fulfilling life. To me, a fulfilling life is being surrounded by great friends and people, being fit and healthy, having great food, enjoying MANY wonderful moments and achieving all that I want to achieve. A fulfilling life also means being the person I want to be in the end. I don't wanna end life being a negative, bitter and lonely soul who has an old widow who has 20 cats for a housemate. I want to be someone who is good-natured, funny, kind and positive (still working on the positive thing). I want to be someone who knows how to cherish their life and precious moments.

I can safely say, although I have my moody or negative moments, I'm indeed gradually working on getting there =)


Freedom09 said...

Hey! Thanks for the words! I think I'm motivated a little bit LOL. :) Good luck to your way to positivity!

Mark said...

No probs, that's the point =)

I hope my thoughts can inspire others too!