Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Neither Here Nor There

My life is a complete standstill at the moment. That's how I feel right now. I'm not really moving front or back in various aspects of my life such as love, career, financial and social status. Some people who know me think that I have a really colorful life because I seem to know quite a few people, go KL quite often lately or go clubbing (which I'm toning down considerably). In fact, its actually quite the opposite. My life can be quite mundane and routinely most of the time when I'm on my own. I prefer to spend time by myself mostly, and usually just indulge in social activities with friends when I'm free or when I plan trips down to KL.

It isn't really much, perhaps they just see or hear the colorful side of it. One of the reasons for the stagnancy currently might be that I'm just lazy or a little too complacent for my own good. I mean, it can be kinda self-absorbing on my daily routine of eat, sleep, work, pummel myself at the gym and plant my ass in front of the PC to relax. Yes yes, you might be secretly yelling,"Move your ass up, get the hell out and find something new to do!"

I have to admit that I'm lacking motivation and just a tad too comfortable indulging in my alone time, although I do feel that I need to pursue something more meaningful coz it can feel kinda empty and lonely at times. I've kinda stopped meeting up with people for some time now. I need to actively search for another job elsewhere (hope no one FROM WORK reads this!), and this goes hand in hand with improving my financial means. Also, I've always wished to work in a big city or in another country. Depending on where I land my next job, it would be a pleasant change in scenery or a big leap into the unknown. Socially, I think I'm good, although I'm usually with a select group of good friends. As I've said, haven't really met anyone new lately.

Sorry for going on forever, but can't really think of much to write about lately since life is pretty much uneventful and grounded. Having said that, I am off to KL again beginning of August to meet an 'accidental' friend from Facebook. It seems trips to KL is becoming a once-a-month thing these past few months. Not that I'm tearing up my wallet, but oh wait, there's the sales going on and I've already spent more than RM 500 last week alone. Mwahahaha, I don't care...I'm prepared not to save any cash during the mega sales period. Hey, gotta spend to save right?

PS: He's a cute doctor from Kuantan who just came back from Russia more than 6 months ago.

PPS: Since I'm having a mental block lately and life isn't exactly an action movie, what would you like me to write about? Any suggestions?

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