Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tired of Clubbing

Yes, I said it. I'm officially tired of clubbing. I'm not really getting anything out of it, besides spending a lot of money and sleeping at ungodly hours. I used to think that clubbing was a way to enhance my social network, meet more people or even my potential BF. Don't get me wrong, I did make some friends but that's just about it and nothing else. I guess for me, it isn't a good way to meet a potential BF. I'm probably better off meeting people personally than in clubs. It's too loud in the clubs to even strike a conversation anyways. Besides, you'd only get contacts during clubbing if you're good-looking or gorgeous, which I am neither. If I wanted to shake my ass, I can do it in my own room while jiving to my favorite hip-hop beats, don't need to pay anything and sleep so late, or should I say early in the morning.

I think my time would be much better spent over 'yumcha' sessions babbling away into the night, watching movies or even going shopping. I'll gonna severely cut down on clubbing, perhaps just once in a blue moon to spend time with friends. I'm already getting back into meeting more people and dating, but definitely not from clubbing.


Freedom09 said...

Yea, good for you. I don't find it's interesting to go clubbing (yet). Haha, I've never been there anyway. ;P

Mark said...

LOL, it CAN be interesting sometimes, but gets boring after a while.

Isaac Rizard said...

Well Mark, what can I say? The days where we would kid-clubbing around is diminishing and what we can do is to reflect back on the joyful youth that we used to have. This is when friends will be more crucial in order to retain some sanity in this crazy PLU world.

Both you and I know we don't have the killer looks, all we can give is just the heart. However, we're all aware that PLU relationship entails much more than just heart.

Just my thoughts...

Yours + Isaac Rizard