Monday, June 15, 2009

Mum Called...About Facebook!

I got a shock of my life this afternoon. Mum called me in the office and asked if it was convenient to talk. I wasn't that busy, so I said ok and to my horror of HORRORS, she mentioned that she FOUND ME ON FACEBOOK! Apparently, a friend of her's invited her to join Facebook through email and she just happened to find me with the search tool, I think (I don't believe I have any of her friends on my list so that must be it!). I was struck speechles after hearing her mention that, and then almost immediately, she went on about how some my pictures were inappropriate and asking MANY questions about them, how they would influence other people's opinion about me, how she disliked certain notes and comments about myself....bla bla bla. I just listened to her going on and on for a while before I kinda retorted and we had a small, rather muffled argument over my mobile, since I was still in my cube. I ended the call shortly, felt dissatisfied and then went downstairs again to give her a call and explain her doubts as best and composed as I can. I CAN get too defensive sometimes and come off too strongly about issues pertaining myself.

You see, my Facebook and blog are the last things that I ever want her to find out, since it's where I can express myself freely and it's a huge part of my personal space. Stuff that I share and reveal in both places are NOT meant for her to discover at all. This is partly because she denied accepting me twice and I don't wanna go through the entire awkward and somewhat horrific process of untimely and embarassing scrutiny, if she were to find another big hint of me being queer. Other than that, the personal stuff that I share, the social and personal interactions with my friends, my experiences and open self-expressions might not be something that she could understand, or tolerate. Admit it, how much of your own personal life are you willing to reveal to you parents, even if none of it are wrong?

Holy poop on a stick! I guess I should thank my lucky stars and whoever up there that still likes me that she DIDN'T SEE MY BLOG URL, see the groups I joined or what I'm a fan of in Facebook. Otherwise, it would definitely be another tsunami of turmoil and interrogation crashing down on me. From now on, no more revealing my personal/profile information in Facebook to everyone, only friends!

PS: When I got her call, I think I was almost a heartbeat away from having a cardiac arrest that might not have killed me, but probably would've had me bedridden after suffering enough brain damage to turn me into a vegetable.

PPS: DRAMA, I know!


Bengbeng said...

quick damage control mode.. o what is necessary. yr facebook is compromised. delete, edit n watever is necessary

Mark said...

Bengbeng, glad to hear from you again. Yeah, I already changed the privacy settings and luckily she didn't register and add me in Facebook!

Gerald said...

u should also put a password in your blog. keep it private.