Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning To Be Happy With Myself

I've dealt with a lot of depression, self-esteem and insecurity issues in the past. Although I've managed to overcome most of it, I'm still not happy with myself. I don't wanna go through my entire life feeling unhappy, insecure or depressed about myself. After some comtemplation, I realize that a big part of it might be because I compare myself too much with other people who are much better off than me. It's good to compare with others who are better in order to improve yourself, but it can go really wrong when you begin to feel inferior, start to belittle yourself and feel bad or inadequate. Funny thing is, I never really noticed that I was doing this to myself until recently, after some thought and advice from friends. If I were to really compare, why don't I just compare myself to those who are much worse off than me? Yeah, it would make me feel better and more contented with myself and my life, but in a way, I don't feel that it's very right to make yourself feel better out of the misery of others.

Instead, I should compare with myself, by looking into the past and realize how far I've come in life. I should look into myself and my life to see if I'm better than I was yesterday. I should acknowledge my tremendous achievement in losing all that fat and getting fit. I should acknowledge how much I've improved and revamped myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I should take pride in the limits that I've broken and the hardships that I've persevered, which taught me compassion, integrity, fortitude and some valuable lessons in life, to shape me into the person that I am today.

Someone once told me that the grass always seems greener on the other side, which is quite true. But no matter how gorgeous, rich, glamourous or a person seem to be, there is always someone better. We might just be comparing endlessly. Not everyone is born with good-looks, with a silver spoon in their mouth or into a glamourous or exciting life. You can't choose where you start in the life's journey, but you can choose how you traverse and end it. My life is my own. Everyone is unique and have their own struggles and limits to overcome. It is easier to be happy and contented once I start comparing with myself, not with others.

Today, I'm fitter, stronger and smarter than before.
Today, I look better than I did way back.
Today, I'm more sociable, extroverted, positive and outgoing than before.
Today, I earn enough not to struggle financially.

Am I the best that I can be at this point in my life? I can safely say, YES!

Can I continue to improve and be better than this point in my life? It's a resounding YES!...or die trying =)