Friday, June 5, 2009

Falling For Someone That I Shouldn't

Recently, I've taken more notice on a friend and beginning to see him in a different light. I don't wanna reveal too much here, because he is a friend who's part of the group, and he reads my blog too. I didn't wanna mention this to any of them, because I'm not sure how they would react.

In a way, I'm slowly falling for him. Sometimes he puts on a tougher exterior and pretends like he doesn't care, but I see the sensitive, emotional and caring soul within. I see the romantic side of him, someone who wants to care and be cared for. I enjoy listening to him talk. I enjoy watching his antics and his warm smile. I like the fact that I can communicate well with him. I like the sensitive and caring side of him, as I think it compliments mine well. I like the fact that he's quite matured for his age. And all this is making him more attractive to me, even though he's already cute enough to begin with, but I didn't really pay that much attention to him since I've known him until now.

Nevertheless, I'm still apprehensive of revealing my feelings to him, or any friends within the group. I'm afraid that it might affect our friendship and turn awkward or sour if things didn't work out. I'm afraid that he won't even consider me, since there's so many better 'fishes' in the sea. I'm not sure a certain 'someone' would approve as well, so I might risk friendship with two goods friends. After all, I've always been just a friend, and he might just wanna keep it that way. And it's kinda against my judgement to say anything in the first place, so I'm pretty much on the fence.

Should I attempt to get closer to someone if it risks friendships? Should I just let him know and get it over with? Or should I just shrug it off and remain silent about it? Don't really know what to do here. I don't wanna make another mistake of getting into it too rashly. What do you think?

PS: I have a feeling that I might be expecting an interrogation session soon...


bluesoule said...

perhaps can try to test him out when u guys are alone...something like "what u think about me" or something. see wats his thinking like. whether he can accept u beyond mere friendship...good luck

voiceitout said...

wow, let me see who is in our group? well.... i will have to discuss about this with my sis then we will know. i will write more about this very soon.... and dont ever let me know who coz i will 'astro' it out to everyone hahahaha

Mark said...

bluesoule: Well, I would...but I think I might be the last thing on his mind right now.

Clueless: You will be surprised if you find out =)