Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Only In Bolehland!

Some photos I find really amusing from an email I got a few weeks ago. ENJOY! XD

You SHALL NOT PASS...on my left and right!

Aside from keeping your kids clean, Drypers really provide comfort and relief!

Human size limitations...or what comes out of a human?

I have nothing to say about this except POOR kid! WTF were his parents thinking?

Shopping cart = place your stuff as you shop + portable children's bed.

Efficiency at it's best? Decide what to order while you pee or poo!

Portable hammock or poor man's version of luxury vehicle?

No no, my fishes are FRESH and ALIVE. They just like to play dead!

Hua lan, can't think of a better example of 'I couldn't care less' attitude. LOL!

Another example...either the owner couldn't care less or doesn't wanna put in effort to correctly place it. I have a feeling it's the former...

Direct translation = fail!

Seriously, can we DO this? If we can, I wanna get one for my Wira...

Seller trying to dry his chickens or a voodoo/black magic spell to ward of evil or bad luck? I can't tell...

Vandals = 1, Police = 0



Chester said...


is sooo hilarious.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting! Eeeeee!!!