Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Training Program, New Motivation!

Well, I only meant PHYSICALLY. I've enlisted the help of my gym instructor, who is a retired bodybuilder and a common judge for local bodybuilding competitions in Penang and KL (I think). I found my training becoming mundane and stagnant lately. On top of that, I was lacking motivation. Doing almost the same thing every week gets old fast. I needed something fresh and new. It would be exciting to see what new training tricks and tips I would learn and see how the training affects my body. It's much more intensive than what I do on a weekly basis, consisting 4-5 days of split training focusing on each body part per week. Basically, it's a higher volume training with more concentration and intensity on each body part. I'm going moderately heavy with higher reps, a combination that saps the HELL out of me currently. It's probably because my muscles are not used to such high volume and intense workouts yet, and need more time to develop endurance and growth. Bye bye to full/total body training for now. Hello, SPLITS!

Aside from the new training stimulus, I needed motivation. I seriously missed the time when I had my very first personal training by a brilliant and dedicated gym instructor when I first started out lifting weights in my last year of Uni. Till this day, I'm SO glad I made that first step to approach him for personal training after the first fitness club meeting that evening. He was ALWAYS there to motivate me, grind my ass (NOT literally!) at the gym and push me beyond my limits. He MADE me believe in myself and that I could do SO MUCH more, and I DID! Every step of the way, for those 2 short months, I made great progress losing fat, gaining muscle, gaining strength and acquiring more motivation to work out. A lot of the uni gym patrons were very surprised at my progress, needless to say. By constantly busting my ass, I exceeded his expectations, AND my own. In terms of training, I have the determination, discipline and tenacity it takes. For those 2 months, ESPECIALLY in the beginning, working out was excruciating to say the least. But consciously, or subconsciously, I recognized the NEED for such training to improve myself physically. SO, I stuck to it and NEVER, EVER missed a SINGLE session, 6 DAYS A WEEK FOR 2 WHOLE MONTHS!

Back to the present, I've asked for my current instructor's help partly due to motivation. Besides teaching me new things, it's GREAT to have someone telling how much you've improved. It's awesome to have someone continuously pushing you to break past your limits. Sometimes, it's not entirely our fault, we just needed a little nudge to help us break through and go further. I'm not sure how long this will last, but I'm hoping to learn new things from it and continue improving physically. It's only been 2 consecutive days so far, and my EVERYTHING hurts right now.

My routine for the coming weeks will be something like this:


Sharing with you a quote that I hold dear, because I really believe it to be truein my experience:

The pain for change is only bearable, when the pain of staying the same becomes unbearable.

Hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears, because I never wanted to stay the same =)



Anonymous said...

Wow! So when can we see a picture of your new body here? Make sure you post ok? hehehe.... If you're shy, you can always email it to me. Lol...

Anonymous said...

I need to eat a lot ... :(

I want the body!!!