Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Far I've Come!

Here's the current me. I'm NOWHERE near as hot as a model, so please LOWER your expectations by a couple of miles! I'm posting this as a testament of how far I've come over the years. I've gone from skinny to FAT to skinny fat to NOW. I've been scrambling for some old photos of myself when I was fat. I could only find a couple of actual printed photographs (taken before digital cameras became a norm). I need to go get them scanned so that I can upload them here. Well, in case none of you believe me that I was an elephant once.

Back to the present, these were taken last Thursday (26th May 09) with the help (and much giggling) of my younger sister from my humble little room next door. We took them right after I came back home from the gym.

Front 1

Front 2 (with flash)


If a former lazy fat ass who WAS constantly depressed, insecure and suffering from low self esteem can do it, ANYONE CAN!

In my last post, I mentioned that I'm starting a new and more intense workout program. So, these will be my 'before' photos. I hope I will get good results because I'm planning to post them here on a monthly basis. By doing that, I'm creating more accountability, motivation and encouragement for myself to push on. Wish me luck!

PS: Yes, I know my hair sucks so I got a new haircut today!

PPS: I need a tan...but haven't tried it before. Any tips?


misterclueless said...

this is like an entry of promoting escort boys. hahaha

Mark said...

Clueless ah...*slapz* Read first what I wrote =P

Anyways, sorry I missed clubbing last nite. I was already in slumberland =)

Anonymous said...

So other than body, are you going to do something for your face?

PS: I am not purposely highlighting this to you.

David said...

Well done Mark! My favourite picture is the third one. I can imagine a gay boy getting rock hard if you go shirtless in a club and hug him from behind.
Are you planning on getting a natural tan from the sun, or a fake tan from lotions?

Zemien said...

That's a good start! Though... some freak somewhere will be getting his rocks off from your monthly photo updates :P

And forget the tan! Too much UV damage from sunlight (skin cancer, any1?) or too much chemical damage from lotions. At most, do it only when you need to strip in public...

Mark said...

Kevin: It's an on-going process. Always looking for new ways to improve. However, it shouldn't reflect me as a person =)

David: Awww, thanks. I'm not sure yet. The beach is too far, so I might consider a fake tan ^^

Mien: I don't plan on doing it often, just occasionally. Any good recommendations to reduce chances of skin cancer or chemical damage?

cookiedonut said...

not bad... lol...

good luck on your upcoming "intense training" ^^