Saturday, June 14, 2008

New running shoes!

I bought these a couple of weeks ago. Since most of my cardio consist of outdoor running/jogging, I needed a really good and reputable pair of running shoes to protect my heels, ankles and knees. After reading reviews from Runner's World, I found this in the Adidas shop at Queensbay.

The moment I slipped them on, I fell in love with them. The shoes had a soft, cushiony interior that feels welcoming to the feet and all around the top of the shoes were visible pores to help your feet 'breathe' better when you run. When running, the shoes feel very light, stable and of course, provides adequate shock absorption every time your feet hits the ground to relieve some stress from your joints. However, what did it COST ME?

A pair of Adistar Control 5 from Adidas = RM 530 (I love my knees too much to spend any less on protecting it)

2 pairs for Adidas socks = RM 14.90 each (received FOC with purchase of shoes)

Stepped on dog shit on the second day of my morning run = PRICELESS!

Kanina...time to go shoot some dogs.

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Bengbeng said...

that is a lot of money for a good pair of shoes. for that sum of money i can go to my gym for 290 days.