Sunday, June 29, 2008


YUMMM...I just had some durian for lunch. For those who do not know, the durian is a VERY thorny fruit, grown mostly in South East Asia, where it is commonly known as the King of Fruits. It's a seasonal fruit, so it's only available certain times of the year. For local Malaysian durians, its tree bear fruit around middle of the year, from June to July. It's possible to get durians at other times of the year, but usually they would be imported from Thailand.

Depending on the species of durian, its flesh can have a very sweet to bittersweet taste, the color of the flesh can vary from bright orange (very sweet) to white (bittersweet) and the texture can vary as well. Overall, I'd say that the texture is similar to custard. With it's luscious, rich sweetness and custard texture, this fruit is what I call, nature's custard.

Contrary to popular belief, durians are very healthy, as are all of nature's products. Just look at the nutritional profile here and here. It's high in fiber, has no sugar, contains good unsaturated fats and is high in vitamin and minerals. Per 100 grams, it has only 147 calories. Eating durians have been known to increase bodily heat. So, be sure to consume moderately and drink plenty of water afterwards. Drinking ENO helps quell the heat as well.

Durians are an acquired taste, even for locals here in Malaysia. You either love it or hate it. Foreigners or tourists from Western, Middle East and other Asian (from Hong Kong, Japan etc) countries usually stay away from durians because they can't stand the smell. To those who hate them, it has been described to have a strong pungent smell. That's why hotels, tourist spots and private establishments prohibit durians on their premises. If you can take or love the smell of durians, loving this heavenly fruit is easy as it's nothing less than DELICIOUS! This hands down, one of my ABSOLUTE favorite fruits of all time!

A note of caution: after ingesting durians, release or emission of bodily gases (burp or farts) could possibly knock out a wild elephant. It's best to exit any room or clear the room of other human beings before doing so, lest you be charged with releasing terrorist nerve gases.

During fruit-bearing season, durians are usually sold along the roadside.

Or can have their fruit extracted and sold pre-packaged in supermarkets for convenience.

Since it's seasonal and depending on the species, durians can be pretty costly. It can cost from RM 5 to RM 50 each, sometimes EVEN more! If you're looking for cheap durians, it's definitely best to look for sellers or friends who own their own durian orchard, then you can get it dirt cheap. Nowadays, durians are even exported to other countries or manufactured into products such as durian ice-cream, cakes and candy, just to name a few.

Hate your enemies? Can throw whole durian or durian skin at them lah! Guaranteed to HURT!


Queer Ranter said...


I can smell it even from here~~~ I want~~~ :P

Mark said...

Hehehe...tempting isn't it?

GO hunt for some nature's custard now XD