Saturday, February 6, 2010


My good friends tell me I'm such a carnivore. Zemien knows I love my protein. I can't help it, I love my meat!

Coincidentally, I found this in Youtube.

My fave expression comes from chef Michael Symon (love the guy),"Meat on meat on meat." I wonder why...?

Mmm...who doesn't love a meat fest? =P

Watching this awakened my inner carnivore even more. RAWR!



Bravebear said...

I had very fatty char siew for lunch just now. Sinfully indulged myself =.="

William said...

From the first sentence, I thought you were talking about some other source of protein. XD

simonlover said...

Hahaha. Agreed with William. I was expecting a whole lotta meat from you instead! Hehehehe. So how? I'm hungry ler...

Mark said...

LOL you guys!

Bearx2: Char siu ah? Come PG, I bring you makan really nice and crispy ones XD

William: Ish, head always in the gutter! /slap =P

simonlover: Haha, hungry I treat you to private meat session XD